Monday, July 8, 2013

party of seven

We are no longer a "Party of Six" !  We have grown to Seven!  And we're so happy about it.  I know I have shown off our beautiful bride since her wedding day in April, but since this is also our family journal, I want to record some of my favorite photos of the wedding.  We got the photographer's final photos and they are stunning. If you've seen enough photos, sorry. I love looking at these every day.  Here are some of Roxanne's bridal shoot the day prior to their wedding. I know not everyone is on board with the groom seeing the bride in her white dress before the wedding, but scheduling these photos before the busy-ness of the wedding was a very smart decision.  They were able to spend 2 or 3 hours that was not available on the wedding day.  I LOVE them. (Thank you to Brushfire Photography)


Terri said...

Really beautiful photos. Good choice on doing them the day before-there is still excitement and sparkle in their eyes.

Lauri said...

Love them! Hope there are more to come