Monday, January 28, 2013

top 10 from 2012

We had some graduations this year, 
Melanie from High School and Roxanne from College!

Melanie moved out, started a new life in a new apartment, new school, new zip code, and everyone loved her so much, she was  Homecoming Queen 3 months later.

Grandpa turned 90 years old and we all 
got together in Idaho to celebrate.

I got some awesome hikes in - 
this one through Aravaipa Canyon.

Rachel spent this year immersed in music and children. She taught at a Music Studio and had many students on her own too. These are some of her students at the recital.

Brady got his Bronco back from years gone by. 
I'd forgotten how big it is. It suits him well.

Shannon and I celebrated 20 years of holiday window painting together. I searched through 20 years of photos, and there was not one decent picture of the two of us. That's our goal for next year.

Dave built another float for the Electric Light Parade. 
This was his 6th year. It was bigger and better than ever.

My favorite highlight of 2012 . . . we did not do one single 
home improvement project this entire year!!!


Lauri said...

quite an eventful year at the Hale house

Roxanne Hale said...

I love this!! What a great year:)

Roxanne Hale said...

I love this!! What a great year:)