Friday, January 18, 2013


Seeing a group of Segway riders around Tempe,
Melanie: "I rode a Segway once in girl scouts. I'd never own one though, too nerdy."
Me: "Yet, for some reason, I could see you joining a club like that one"
Melanie: "Oh, most definitely! It would be cool in a group. I'm in a Segway Club! Say it again! I'm in a Segway Club, oh yeah !"

"This food looks so good! I can't wait until it's all in my belly!"

At the fire pit: "Marshmallows are like little kids - you turn your head for a minute and they catch on fire."

Talking about all the crazy ways you can ask someone on a date. "What if you need to say 'no' to someone when they've gone all out to ask you out in a creative way?"
"Put a couch on their porch, with a note "I think I'll sit this one out".

On Christmas Morning:
(receiving nail polish) "Good, I don't like naked nails."

"That's a good dude scent. That's my new man stank."

"Looks like Santa was doing some last minute shopping at Newport Beach this weekend."

Nude color eye shadow: "Can you put some clothes on that nudity?"

Talking about toe socks:
"My baby toe never fits the socks right. Can your toes lose weight?"
"Wait until you get pregnant. You'll find out what can gain and lose weight."
"Your toes will swell."
"You will have swell toes."

A jump rope: "I'll have to learn to use this on my new scooter." (fyi, these were gifts to an 18 year old, not a  10 year old.)

Dave to Rachel: "A little bird told me you might like that dress."
Melanie: "Must have been an awesome bird!"

"This is from you??? You picked this out?? I love it!"
Brady: "Hey, a brother can shop. Well actually, Stephanie did all my shopping with me."

Soft furry gloves: "Everyone's going to want to hold my hand."

"That's FORREAL!"
"What? the fur is real?"
"No! What's wrong with you people? Give it some 'hood' - FORREAL!"

Brady got a present hidden inside a box of cereal : "All you dieters, stay away from my Captain Crunch!"

"Christmas isn't complete without a chocolate orange."


Kasia Cook said...

Ohmygoodness. You guys never fail to make me laugh. Hilarious!

Robyn said...

I hate it when I turn my head and my kids catch on fire.