Wednesday, January 23, 2013

jumping over things

A while back, Melanie needed to put together a write up about herself and perform a talent for a show. She had a writer's block. I suggested she get a paper out and brainstorm a list of her strengths.
I just found the paper. It says:
I can rap.
I can dance. But I just dance spontaneously, not like an act.
I'm good at making ugly faces.
I can play the air drums.
I can paint my nails cool.
I'm good at jumping over things.
I can eat an entire hot dog all at once.

Maybe I failed as a mother, not training her in performable talents - ballet classes? piano lessons? Anything more significant than "I can jump over things".

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Kaley Dawn said...

Bwahahaha! : ) What a great girl : )