Monday, February 6, 2012


We had a little Superbowl Party here yesterday. And by party, I mean that the TV was on, Roxanne, Billy and Jennifer were here, and Dave cooked dinner on the grill. Earlier in the afternoon, Melanie asked me which team I was rooting for. I had to ask her who was playing, and she had to go look it up. Yeah, that's the kind of sports enthusiasts that live here.
Apparently the game (except for the halftime show) didn't hold much interest for the girls. They had their backs to the TV and had their webcam working overtime. It started out with a couple of cute photos, then a little silliness, then things just went downhill from there.
I don't even now how anyone could hear the game with all the laughing going on.


Lauri said...

those girls!!!
Sounds like my kind of Superbowl Party for sure.

Roxanne Hale said...

That first paragraph made me laugh, haha. It was such a fun Sunday though! I'm glad the house was rooting for the winning team :)