Monday, February 6, 2012

color run

Roxanne and one of her room-mates ran in the 5K Color run last weekend. It was held down by Tempe Town Lake. She told me to meet her in the park. She was a little hard to spot. How did we survive in the olden days without cell phones? It took 10 minutes and 4 texts and 1 call until I found them in the masses.It was fun to see the runners - there were groups with wigs, costumes, tutus and even one gal wearing a wedding dress. As the run progresses, there are stations of colored chalk tossed at the runners. Here is a before and after picture of the girls:
At the end of the race, every runner was given another bag of chalk. Then they all gathered and tossed the colors at the same time. There were 6000 runners so there was A LOT of color being tossed around. I had places to go after this event. I was afraid I'd have a blob of pink in my hair for the rest of the day. I was kind of amazed that I got out of there with only a spot of color on my elbows as I brushed by people in the crowd, and a dusting of color along the hem of my pants. I'm not sure how these thousands of people got in their cars to go home.The run was a breeze for Roxanne, but now I think she if a fan of the charitable "fun runs". There were flyers being handed out for mud runs, obstacle runs, night runs etc. Keep running Roxanne - I'll be your #1fan!

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Lauri said...

I have several people post pictures like this but I didn't understand about the color thing (I'm still not sure I do). Anyway, I'm impressed that Roxanne is becoming I runner. I wish I were but I can't seem to run further than a block.