Monday, November 7, 2011


(I framed a halloween picture of Grandpa for him to take home)
Grandpa: "I look at that face and it doesn't look like me. I don't know why. I thought I'd be better looking!"

The day Melanie bought her first car: "Now I can take you all out to dinner. Well, you'll have to pay for it . . . but I will take you. That's the point of having a car, right?"

Melanie, during homecoming - full face and body paint: "I sneezed blue and gold - that's real school spirit!"

Melanie: "Grandpa - you take all of those pills at once? Those are huge!"
Grandpa: "Well sure, can't you swallow a big pill?"
Melanie: "Not all three at once, that's like swallowing a submarine!"

Rachel, about a friend from church: "He has so much flirtatious energy, it just lands on anything female."

Grandpa "I just want to go and be with Betty, she's in a better place."
Dave: "Well, Dad, she's definitely in a good place, but what if you don't quite make it?"
Grandpa: "Well, then I'll just have to stay with you!"

Pancakes for dinner, I meant to say - "Melanie, can you cut one in half for me?", but it came out - "can you calf one for me?" She painstakingly carved a silhouette of a calf out of the remaining pancake on the serving plate and handed it to me.


Lauri said...

How can so much funny stuff come from from one family???

Terri said...

Your family ALWAYS makes me smile. (or laugh out loud, which is the case today.)

Clan Whipple said...

If you have a calf shaped pancake in life... you have happiness!