Friday, November 18, 2011

los angeles

Suzanne and I took a quick roadtrip to Los Angeles last weekend. We didn't even call it a vacation - just a long weekend - because I think we both put in a 40 hour work week both before and after our trip. I have to say again that Suzanne is good to travel with. I just ask how many days will we be gone? Should I take a sweater? and when should I be waiting for you on the curb? She likes planning and I always enjoy whatever she has in mind.

We were heading to do a studio tour at Warner Brothers, but got there a little early so drove down the street to eat at Bob's Big Boy. It is the oldest Big Boy still open - serving hamburgers since 1947. Bugs Bunny greeted us at Warner Brothers. We took a 2 1/2 hour tour through acres and acres of their studio. We saw where they were taping "The Mentalist", we saw Scooby Doo's van, and one of the many many General Lees that were driven in the Dukes of Hazzard. Saturday morning we went to Santa Monica and had breakfast at a trendy little place called Huckleberry's. I had a breakfast of quinoa, butternut squash, kale and eggs. A little different than the breakfasts I fix at my house, but delicious.

We planned to go walking along the beach, but got rained out after a few minutes.We spent the afternoon in downtown L.A. in the wholesale garment and fabric district. It was cool for a while, then as Suzanne says - it kind of does an overload on your senses. There is SO MUCH TO SEE!Saturday night was a concert at the awesome Pantages Theater in Hollywood. There were lots of costumes and characters, favorites "White and Nerdy" and "Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi".

On Sunday, we found a church to attend in Pasadena. I researched to make sure we weren't attending a deaf ward or a Korean ward. (Dave and I showed up to church on vacation once with our 4 little kids and ended up in a Young Singles ward). Anyway, there should have been a note on the website that it was a toddler ward. SO MANY BABIES! Not that I mind babies, but I was surprised to find it hard to concentrate on the services for the noise in the chapel. Anyway, after the meetings, we took a little 2 mile hike up the mountain in Griffith Park to the Griffith Observatory. Beautiful views up there. Sunday night we had to dash back to the hotel to watch The Amazing Race. I have to admit, it was difficult for both of us to watch it without the convenience of TIVO. We couldn't rewind, or pause to comment.
Monday morning before we headed back to AZ, we made a quick stop at the Coroner's office. Why? (That's what Dave asked too.) There is a little gift shop in the lobby. It was fun to find out the the Coroner's dept has a sense of humor. There were t-shirts with body outlines, crime scene tape, BBQ aprons that said "We have Spare Ribs". You can even shop online: skeletons in the closet
Good things about traveling with Suzanne - 1.) Everything planned is fun and interesting. 2.) She is a quiet sleeper. I'm not used to that. If Dave slept that quiet, I would check his pulse. 3.) She likes to drive and I trust her driving.

Worrisome things about traveling with Suzanne, which I have never noticed before this trip. 1.) Terrible parking skills.
(This picture is not pulling into the spot, nor pulling out. This picture is our car, fully and completely parked in a parking space.) A particular attempt at parallel parking caused some shame! Sorry Suzanne, but now the world knows you are not perfect.


bandanamomtoo said...

:P I am laughing at the parking comments. She loves to drive so when I was in CA with her I didn't mind letting her drive the whole time, but when it came to parking - and particularly parallel parking, I was thinking she should have at least turned the wheel over to me momentarily! I am an excellent parallel parker after living back east for 3 years! I'm glad you guys had a good time, it looks fun!

Suzanne Barker said...

I have to say, the bigger vehicle was extra challenging. I have been paying more attention since I got home to the parking situation. I'm not a good parker!