Sunday, September 25, 2011


I am exhausted today. Melanie did everything I did this weekend, plus about 80% more. She seems to still be going strong. For that reason only, I wish I could go back to 17 years old again. Friday night was her Homecoming parade, tailgate party and football game. She takes any event and turns up the excitement full volume.She left the house a little bit jealous of us though, because we got to spend the afternoon with a nail gun and roofing shingles. Dave and I rewarded our efforts with a Friday night movie. Sadly, it was kind of a cheesey movie, and we didn't have time for dinner before we left so we actually ate dinner at the concession stand at the theater. (No, not one of the new cool dinner theaters. We ordered dinner at the same counter that you buy popcorn and gummy bears.) We go to the movies a lot, but hardly ever visit the concessions. I realize they do sell some sorts of food, but it just seems like getting invited to go out to dinner at the gas station mini mart. But we were starving so . . . theater pizza for dinner.

Saturday morning we made a quick trip up north to go swimming at Fossil Springs. It was the same trip we took a month ago, but Roxanne and Dave went with us this time. We set our alarms for 4:30 am, on the road by 5:15 and had a nice picnic breakfast by the creek before 8. It's nice to get up there early, we had the place to ourselves. The bad part about being up there so early is that it was still a bit chilly. We stood with our toes in the edge of the water like this for quite a while before anyone got brave enough to actually get in. It became more pleasant for swimming later in the morning, but crowds of people started coming later in the morning too.

We got back into town at 3:30 and Rachel had to go off to teach some piano lessons, Roxanne had a whole weekend worth of homework to get done and Melanie headed off for the homecoming dance with her friends.

Then the day just got better . . . Dave and I went up on the roof and put shingles on until almost 10 pm.
On Sunday, of course we spent the morning at church, then Melanie went to a youth dance planning committee meeting, and now as I type this, Dave and Melanie went to help some friends who just had a tire blow out on the freeway. I barely have the energy to lift the foot rest on the recliner in our living room and they have energy for a tire iron and a suburban.
The weekend is ending on a good note - The Amazing Race starts up tonight. A couple of friends are coming over to watch the opening episode with us. . . can't get better than that.


Suzanne Barker said...

You have reason to be tired. I wouldn't have been on the roof after a day at Fossil Springs. I know you guys are tough, but you are too tough for me!

Lauri said...

I noticed that what was missing was a picture of you jumping off the waterfall in an athletic pose...did you forget to post that picture?