Thursday, December 23, 2010


The day started with some dramatic lights as the sun came up in the nearby hills.
My little phone camera made it look just a wee bit more dramatic than it really was, but it was a nice sunrise nonetheless and a great early morning hike. Then the day ended with some dramatic lighting of a different kind. We spent the evening out at the temple. Not only a great evening of lights, but Dave's chorus sang for the evening performance. It was an awesome performance, so good in fact that I was so enthralled with the music I didn't get my camera out the rest of the evening . . . until we were leaving and I snapped a couple of blurry pictures of the lights, but no pictures of my husband. Just know that he was dashingly handsome, and performed wonderfully. Everyone loved them and they've already been invited to come back and perform again next year. Yeah, they're that good.

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