Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a peek at 2010

Our year in 10 photos:
We started out year sending Brady off to Iowa. Can you believe he's already at the halfway point of his mission? Turns out he is a tremendous missionary. We love him and miss him.
We've continued our family tradition of continuously re-building our 60 year old house. This was the year of the attic. We have a very usable walk-in space now with new dormers and windows to add light to the room.Dave and I reached our 25th wedding anniversary this summer. We celebrated in Europe! Three weeks, six countries.
We are glad to live near family and have many opportunities to see them and celebrate family events with them. The best thing about this picture is my nephew Ben in the background. He is definitely related. There is no such thing as a serious picture with this group. (Garry, Lauri, Me and Curtis)
I had a rare opportunity to take a road trip all by myself for a few days. I drove to Utah and visited family, high school and college friends, and got a chance to do a little hiking. Roxanne bought a house this year. Although I don't have an adequate picture of her and her house, this picture of yard work is indicative of being a new home owner.
There were a WHOLE lot of boys hanging around our house this year!Dave and I were the "Ma" and "Pa" on a Pioneer Trek with our stake this summer. (Melanie went too, but was assigned to a different family.) Many hours were spent making aprons and bonnets. We spent 3 fun-filled days with these kids in the rain and mud.
Dave continues to enjoy his tractors. He built and entered a float in the Electric Light Parade in Phoenix again this year. Although it is lighted to look like a train, there is a 60 year old antique tractor there, pulling the float. Our family has lost a combined total of 220 pounds over the past 3 years. We all feel stronger and healthier. Everyone contributed to that number except Roxanne who continuously stays thin and petite.
(It was hard to take a family photo this year without Brady)
As the year closes, we find that we still like each other and are so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful and supportive friends and family.


Suzanne Barker said...

Nice Montage!

Lauri said...

Great idea...the year in 10 pictures. Thanks for only including the 10 highlights and not boring us with 365 pictures. Happy New Year!

Megan said...

Great idea! I loved the highlights of your year! You all make a beautiful family!

amelia said...

AWESOME 2010 Hales. And go you guys - love the fit family goal!

Mary said...

You all look fantastic! Your adventures are inspiring. You were our very favorite house guest, and the only one brave enough to have ever stayed with us, we are excited to have you back sometime and anyone you would like to bring!