Sunday, December 26, 2010

conversations at christmas

Random comments heard around our house on Christmas:

Billy: "Does it concern you that your daughters can break into houses in multiple ways, but don't know how to hem a pair of pants?"

Rachel: "My boyfriend has some mad balloon animal making skills!"
Billy's skills, not so much:"I made a tadpole!"
On my package: "The most lovely lady on the block. The one and only beautiful Hott Mama"
To Rachel, a Gift card to Barnes and Noble:
Roxanne: "I couldn't find the book you wanted, so I got you a gift card."
Billy: "I fell asleep at that Barnes and Noble so I hope the card means something special to you."
Gift tag from Melanie: To Kyle the Tile "I tried to make it sound cool, but nothing really rhymes with Kyle" His gift, a remote control police car: "I'm going to pull someone over with this!"
Melanie's favorite gift, a Bedazzler: "I have been dreaming about this FOREVER! I'm going to bedazzle everything !" Everyone else: "You can bedazzle your easy bake oven!" "Nobody leave your shoes out!" "I'm afraid to go to sleep now!"

New bag of Potpourri: "You know how our bowl of potpourri is dusty? Now we have a new scent. We can bedazzle it. It will be pretty and smell good"

Roxanne: "Billy knows just what I like." Billy: "That's because I told her - here is $20, walk around the mall and if you find something, buy it."

Dave gave the girls some HUGE illustrated storybooks. Melanie: "Roxanne, now you can be a 2nd grade teacher!"

Melanie, opening a video: "I've never seen the Three Stooges. I think this will finish up my education!"

Dave gave Rachel a gift that included a LONG letter listing all the reasons he loves her, which included: "I love you because you know what a groove reducing coupling is."
(It was a box that scrolled out a long letter, (a LONG letter) then scrolled out into a string of money-all $2 bills)
Dave got everyone wooden 3D puzzles.
Melanie: "I got a wasp, no . . . a cicada."
Roxanne: "What's a cicada?"
Melanie: "It's those bugs you don't want to see floating in your pool."
Rachel: "Mine's the best, I got the Eagle."
Cynthia: "It says for ages 6+, so there's a bit of a buffer there."
Billy: "My dinosaur will eat your motorcycle"
Kyle: "But my motorcycle is cross country so it will chase your dinosaur."
Billy: "But your motorcycle will need some fuel sometime and my dinosaur will be waiting at the gas station."
Billy, opening a Charger's t-shirt from Roxanne: "Now we can go to the Charger's games in style . . . well, once Roxy buys us both some Chargers tickets."
Melanie got some barbie clothes and stuffed them with money for Rachel to get a new outfit. Imagining taking these to the store with her: "I know you don't take checks, but do you accept "doll"ars?"
We ended the day with a messy house, our bellies full of Christmas goodness and a lot of this silliness:


Suzanne Barker said...

Your family is so creative in how they give their gifts!

Mary said...

Melanie and Savannah would be great friends. She got an easy bake and her best friend got a bedazzler. So fun!