Friday, March 5, 2010

There was a fantastic sunrise as I was driving to seminary a couple days ago. I'm not generally a fan of the sunrise. If it happened a little later in the day I probably would be.
After class, I've been out hiking this week. The desert is gorgeous right now - the temperature is perfect this time of year and the recent rains have greened up the hills so beautifully.
Hiking has been a good distraction this week. My nephew was in a tragic motorcycle accident Monday night. He is a good and handsome young man who is loved by people far and wide, most of all his new fiance. They have a marriage date set for May 1st. Here is a note from his sister's blog a couple days ago:
I know that Michael is a fighter...has been his whole life. If you know anything about Michael, you'd know he has this mentality that he's invincible. I'm sure that's doing him at least a little bit of good right now. The fact that he's still fighting after more than 24 hours is pretty miraculous. Mike is pretty much a superhero.

I also know that Michael has an amazing support system. I was worried about how little family we have in Utah. He has Lisa, of course. And my great aunt and uncle headed to the hospital immediately. My mom got there yesterday evening with another aunt. But the hospital waiting room has been consistently filled with friends and well-wishers. Apparently, he has quite a BIG family in Utah after all.

Social networking is amazing. There has been an outpouring of support from friends and strangers alike...not only for Mike, but for our family and Lisa (who is family in my book) as well. I know that prayers are being heard and answered...for that I am sincerely grateful. It's certainly doing some good.

I certainly wish there was something we could DO for him right now. It's no wonder the Relief Society prepares so many casseroles - it feels productive and useful. I would rush up to Utah if I felt I could help there. I wish there were more I could do for my sister, I wish there was more I could do to take away the uncertainty and the fear. We pray and we fast and we wait. and wait. and wait.

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Anonymous said...

there is always Hope, Faith & Prayers, sometimes it doesn't feel the same as "doing" something physcial, but is often more powerful! Love Ya! I know it's hard to go through that!