Thursday, March 11, 2010

not much going on around here

Nothing exciting going on around here these days. I am on spring break from my seminary class. I was looking forward to a few fun projects, but instead ended up with a full week of boring old office work. I did get a chance to get outside and do some weeding in the flower garden after all the recent rains. I am happy to report that I've kept a corner full of foliage alive for 5 months straight. I'm a little bit amazed and impressed.

It was also my mom's birthday recently. There was a surprise party planned and she was surprised. I don't think she is generally the "surprise party" kind of gal, but it was a great afternoon with lots of family attending. This is my mom and my older brother. (Garry, I just realized you remind me of Grandpa Whipple -- all white shirt and tie on a Saturday afternoon!)
I went hiking with Suzanne and Lezlee for an hour or so this morning. I really enjoy being out in the desert. It is nice just to turn the phone off and get away from the noise of traffic and just hike around the hills for a bit. It was a good way to start the day. Since then I've written a note to Brady, did some business paperwork, copied some system design prints, made a run to the post office, wrapped a wedding gift, helped Dave load the trailer, stopped at the grocery store, did the morning dishes, ran a load of laundry, updated our business bank deposits, and now I need to go get some painting done up on the eaves while it's not raining today. Speaking of rain, my sister is planning a big outdoor wedding reception for her daughter tomorrow evening. She has been in a panic during this very wet and blustery week. It looks like clear skies for now. I hope it is beautiful. We are all anxious to attend. Both my sister and niece are extraordinarily creative and it will be a beautiful event, I'm sure.


Suzanne Barker said...

So why does it say March 11 when all that happened on March 12? just wondering if you are moving so fast you are in a time warp too!

Cathy said...

Busy Bee! I agree W/ Suzanne's comment!!

Chelsea said...

Wow! I love your garden! It is SO beautiful! You are amazing - look at all the stuff you can get done! Sheesh, I should just give you my never-ending to-do list!! :)

Roxy said...

Your garden is beeeautiful!