Friday, February 12, 2010

random stuff going on around our house

There has been quite a commotion going on overhead as we (I use the word "we" as in, not really me but a lot of other people) have installed dormers on the front of our house. Dave traded the work with another company for some fire sprinkler installation. Dave normally does everything himself around here and I couldn't quite get a read on how he was feeling while another man cut a hole in our roof and started construction. It was a mixed blessing, not having to do it himself yet wanting to be involved and have control in the process. The man that did it for us was a very good craftsman and quite a perfectionist and the more they worked, the more we enjoyed the progress. After they were done with construction, Dave hopped up on the roof to dry it in with Melanie and I as his trusty assistants.
Grandpa is here to visit for about 3 weeks. It's nice to have him around. He has had a lot of adventures in his life and is quite the storyteller. Unfortunately, he has been repeating his stories with higher repetition as he has grown older (he's 87). He has been telling the same stories in the same patterns and the same influctions and the same gestures for years. But I actually got him to tell me some more details about a couple of his stories that I hadn't heard before, so I felt victorious today.
Dave made the most beautiful and delicious pie this week. The crust was perfectly flaky and had a hint of almond flavoring in it. He has always made good pies, but lately he has been moving into a new realm of perfection and deliciousness.
Roxanne had a school assignment for a college class that required her to do a little research out at the Botanical Gardens and she invited me along. I don't go out there much. There are certain places in this town that have been ruined for me after attending as a chaperone on 4th grade field trips. The zoo and the botanical gardens have fallen into that category. But now I have had a wonderfully pleasant morning, with my favorite daughter (Rachel and Melanie, you know you are my favorite too, right?) and the Botanical Gardens are now back on the list of nice places to visit in Phoenix. The weather was overcast and the rain waited until we were finished and heading for the car. Nice weather, a pleasant walk, perfect company, a great morning.
Dave and his dad are out at a tractor show in Glendale today. Tractor collectors from miles around gather and . . . . well, I don't actually know what they do all day. But I'm heading out there in a couple of hours so I guess I'll find out.
Our friends Joe and Madeline are here from Georgia and are working at the Gem and Mineral show in Tucson this week. We planned to go down to Tucson yesterday and enjoy the show for the afternoon and then go out to dinner with them and their entourage. Our day didn't quite go as planned and we couldn't get out of town until 5. We not only missed the show but we almost missed dinner. That was a long drive to go to Tucson for dessert and then turn around and come back. However we ended up eating and staying and visiting with them for a couple of hours. They are good friends and fun to hang around with. I wish we could have made the whole day work out better.
Melanie has a sewing project she is working on for one of your young women's goals. She is making a skirt to wear to church on Valentine's day tomorrow. We've got to fit that into our day today too. She's almost done. I don't know how I have failed to teach my daughters to sew more. I had my own sewing machine when I was 16 and have used it all my life. I made many outfits for myself when I was in high school (I guess that's pretty nerdy . . . no wonder I didn't date much in high school!)
Anyway, busy day ahead - sewing, tractor show, business taxes (why can't I ever take Saturdays off from this business?) grocery shopping, valentine surprises for the family, and some laundry. . . and here I sit at the computer. I've got to get going. Bye.


Lindsey said...

After calling Roxanne your favorite, you reminded Rachel and ROXANNE that they were also your favorites. You better go back and fill in Mel's name before she catches wind of this. Lol. ;)

calizona said...

Ah - for the love of a sewing machine...the physical facilitator of creativity. NEVER nerdom. Unless you are wearing a lot of calico or gingham.

bandanamomtoo said...

The dormers look super cool!

Lauri said...

1.The dormers look fabulous...what a change they make to your house.
2.Melanie's "business attire" is darling; a good look for her.
3.I love the top you are wearing at the Botanical Gardens. Stylish!

Anonymous said...

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