Sunday, February 7, 2010

melanie-isms V

On Melanie's facebook profile:

Interests: Those people you see dancing in their cars . . . with really loud music playing, and no one is in the car with them . . . I'm gonna be one of those people. Oh yes, baby!

My secret talent is slip-n-sliding. I'm a born pro.

I know all the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang songs by heart.

I wish I could surf. If I could, I'd go to to the lake every day.
What celebrity do you look like? Sid the Sloth - "Look, a dandelion! Mmhusht be the lascht one of the scheeeaschon!" (oh well, I guess you can't really type Sid the Sloth's voice)

I have got to stop biting my nails, or they'll be lil stubs by the time I get married and that wedding ring photograph will not be sexy.

I think I am ready to go pro . . . at the stuffed animal vending machine!

A board game called 'Hold to the Rod': as the game was going on a little too long through a Sunday afternoon:"This iron rod is too long - I can't hold on anymore"

(Lauri, remember how in all of our childhood photos, Garry is making
a funny face? Well, apparently Melanie is related to him.)

A note to a neighborhood friend while we were out of town (who has been in our house a bazillion times):
Dearest Emily,
I believe you know where my room is and my fish is right by my window. His name is Kimbo Slice. Feel free to sing to him while you feed him his daily serving of 5 pellets of fish-crap-what-not . . . once a day . Sincerely M3L4N1ZZL3 GR4C3 H4LE

Photo by Jennifer Jones


Lauri said...

I always get excited when I read "melanie-isms" on your post title. She is the funniest kid I know.

rachel said...

Bahahaha!! "The iron rod is too long, I can't hold on any more" I am cracking up at the computer commons at school because of that comment. Oh my goodness I love that girl.