Tuesday, November 17, 2009

pumpkin weigh-in

Brady harvested his gargantuan pumpkins this week. He cut off the largest one and bent over to pick it up and just about herniated himself. It didn't budge. He and Dave both had to man-handle it over to the front porch and it weighed in at 128 pounds!! A second pumpkin weighed 77 pounds. Then before he started dismantling the plant, we measured one of the plant stems - 45 feet long. It was massive and was winding all over our front yard. I was seriously worried it would start creeping in our front door.
This morning I learned what the sole purpose of the giant pumpkin growing experience was. Apparently, these pumpkins have been planted, watered, fertilized, loved and cared for, so that Brady and his friends could take them out to the desert and blow them up and use them for target practice. Who knew?! This afternoon they loaded up about 8 pumpkins and headed out for a afternoon of pumpkin destruction.
Dave and Brady recently returned from a week long hunting trip with Joe Wagner up in Wyoming. I will not post pictures because well, they are gross hunting pictures. But they had a great time together. Well, I guess there are a couple of pictures I can post that have no dead animals in them. It was dry and clear most of their week: Then a wee bit of snow came blowing in before they started home:I got a text message from Joe's wife, Madeline, a few days after they got back :
Madeline: I heard a rumor that during the hunt there was a threat to revoke Dave's "man card" . . . did you hear anything about that???
Me: Yes, and he is sitting here watching "So You Think You Can Dance" again at this very moment.
Madeline: That's it . . . he tried to blame watching it on you I heard, so I guess they will have to cut the corners off his man card!!
Me: But Dave said the next night they were all watching the results show together!
Madeline: Joe said being in the same room isn't the same as watching.
Immediately our phone began ringing. Joe had to redeem himself and clear the air that he really wasn't watching. (Just admit it Joe - that show sucks you right in regardless of whether or not you own a "man card" !)


Heidi said...

Those pumpkins are crazy!

I love that show. Jared actually got up and left the room the other day when I was watching it. I think he hasn't seen enough of it to make a judgement. I doubt I can convince him to watch it with me again.

Suzanne Barker said...

That is hilarious! They would probably perforate his man card if they knew all the times he was our token male at an event!

Anonymous said...

So funny, Lee is always having his man card threatened!