Sunday, November 8, 2009

big news for brady

Well, it took 2 painfully long weeks of waiting for the mailman at exactly 12:15 every day, but a big white envelope finally came for Brady. He submitted the papers for a church mission and the wait for the return mail was excruciating (well, for me it was anyway). His mission call came early afternoon on Friday and I had to wait almost 5 hours until Brady got home from work. FIVE HOURS!! He finally got home and then we had to wait another hour for Roxanne to get off work and get home so we could all be together for the big moment. We put in a few destination guesses prior to opening up the envelope. We each guessed one place in the states, and one foreign location. My guess was an island. I hoped I could make that very broad to include not only the islands of the Pacific, but also Madagascar, Japan, and perhaps even Australia. In-state guesses included Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Oklahoma, Idaho and Michigan. Melanie, I suppose, won the game by coming the closest geographically (she guessed Michigan), because when he finally opened the envelope, his call was for the Illinois, Peoria Mission. His mission covers central Illinois, and parts of Iowa, Missouri, and a sliver of Indiana. One of his good friends, Jacob, is in Indiana. I suppose they will be sort of next door neighbors for the next couple of years. He heads out on January 6th and he is one excited boy. His time in the mission training center will overlap for a few days with his cousin, Kelsie being up there. Hopefully they will get to see each other.

Although I knew he was ready and willing to serve anywhere in the world, and almost hoping to be working in an impoverished country, I realized I was feeling a little relieved at the end of the day to know he will be right here in our country, where there is the security of safe water to drink and modern medical facilities. I hadn't even been aware of those feelings until after the fact. He is truly happy with the assignment and anxious to go. We are so very proud of him.

In other Brady related news, his pumpkin patch is literally taking over our property. Neighbors far and wide stop and look to see what is growing so enormously in our front yard. His largest pumpkin on the vine is about a 18" high and easily over 50 pounds and there are several other pumpkins on the vines that are much larger than any we bought and carved at Halloween this year.Dave thought he would be funny and put a very ripe and bright orange pumpkin out in the vines in the yard. Brady immediately called the bluff . . . "Who put the fake pumpkin in my patch??" He is a good little pumpkin shepherd. He knows his "sheep".

This weekend Brady was the best man at Brian's wedding. Doesn't he look handsome in his tuxedo? He says it's pretty weird to have a married friend. Brian and Megan had a very lovely wedding reception and we enjoyed our evening.


Curtis Whipple said...

Go Brady! Go Brady! You bad, you know it, come on, gonna party, like it's yer berfday, uh huh, Go Brady!

Lauri said...

I LOVE that you put the video of him opening his call. I watched it twice and felt like I was really there. Congrats Brady!

bandanamomtoo said...

We are so happy for him - and it is great to see how enthusiastic he is about his call! What a great kid.

Cathy said...

That will be a cool mission and Cindy, believe me when I tell you I feel your relief!!! Soon Brady will pronounce Illinois (without the "s") like a native!

Nanna said...

Congradulations Brady, that is so great. Loved the video. You will be in our prayers.

Aunt Debie

amelia said...

Yeah Brady!! That's awesome.