Monday, August 24, 2009

travel by numbers

1816 Number of miles round trip to Pocatello.
0 Number of miles I drove. (thanks Dave)
11 The number of police we saw between Phoenix and Flagstaff. (We didn't have to meet any of them thankfully)
120 Number of miles I slept in a deep comatose state on the way to Idaho.
9 The number of business calls we answered - business as usual from the cab of the truck on highway 89.
10 Minutes stopped at a scenic overlook of Lake Powell. We've driven by this turnoff for 25 years and never stopped.
1 gorgeous sunset in southern Utah.
45 Cost of a motel room in Panguitch Utah.
Actual conversation:
Me-"we might be arriving late."
Motel- "you know this is a small town right? So don't laugh when I tell you this. If you get here after the office closes, you will be in room 9, just let yourself in. We will leave the door unlocked and the lights on for you and the key on the table. If you need to leave in the morning before we open, just leave the key on the table and leave the door unlocked.
(well, alrighty then. . . )
12 Number of songs on my MP3 that begin with the word "Don't".
(I know, just random meaningless trivia I amused myself with on the road.)
11 Michael Jackson's age when he sang these lyrics, with all the heartfelt passion of an 11 year old boy:
"I don't know why I love you
I don't know, but I do
You never stop your cheating ways
with another guy, you laugh in my face
I know, cuz I feel disgrace
Can't stop, I can't stop crying, can't you see,
Here I'm pleading on my knees
Won't you help me please, cuz I love you."
54 Temperature at 6:38 a.m. in central Utah.
2 Number of adorable nephews we visited. ("great" nephews?? Dave's brother's grandsons)

2 toothaches. One each . . . what are the chances of that? We have a double date with the dentist when we get back to town.
3 Number of very nice repairs and services Dave did for his Dad while we were at his house.
11 Number of minutes that it takes to turn on a computer and get online and open up Facebook on a dial-up computer system. UGH.
5 Friends from Dave's high school we barbequed with.

12 Number of rides Dean gave around the neighborhood on his new Harley Davidson.
140 people attending Dave's high school class reunion.
135 Number of people I didn't know at the high school class reunion.
50 Percentage of songs the band played that weren't even 70's music.
90 Percentage of people at the reunion that didn't want to listen to the band anyway and hung out on the patio to visit.
10 Number of years we have to save up $ . . . 40th reunion will be on a cruise ship!
44 Homecoming queens immortalized in the halls of Highland High School.
3 Number of actual stuffed Rams that are in the hallways of the school. The local taxidermist had some good business with the school over the years. (I don't think we had any stuffed Bulldogs on our school campus. That would have been gross).
5 Number of relatives we got to visit with at father-in-law's house.
3 Fruit stands we shopped at in Brigham city, UT. This one seriously was self serve. Everything was packaged and priced and there was a box to put money in. ( . . . only in Utah!)
1 construction zone.. Will the road/bridge over Hoover dam EVER be finished??
98 Decibels of volume I needed on my MP3 earphones to drown out the fantasy/sci-fi audio book Dave was listening to.
5 Number of hours my MP3 battery failed me so I had to listen to Dave's book "Eragon" from Las Vegas to Phoenix. AAAAAGH!
14 Number of hours we drove straight through today. Why does sitting in a vehicle all day make a person so darn tired?


Heidi said...

ha ha you stayed in Panguitch?! :) My great-grandma lived there. Each time we visited, we would stop and get these gigantic ice cream cones. It's funny that the only thing I remember about that town is the ice cream.

Katie said...

Spencer likes Eragon, too. I wouldn't even allow those audio- books in the car in case of emergency MP3 problems.

I love a good road trip. I'm finding myself a little jealous.

Utah is a strange place.

Lauri said...

Love your number report. Sounds like trip.

Oh, and enjoy your double date :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I have an aversion to numbers, but you have cleverly presented them here.

I highly recommend a brilliant sci-fi read you will not regret: "Exegesis". It also features numbers.

Debbie said...

Sounds like you had a good trip all in all, glad you made it home safe.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Hey was that the "Brandon" Hotel?! Love the self serve fruit stand! I've never been to any reunion, never here about any, Lee never wants to go to his?! You guys know how to have fun and enjoy life always! How did the insulation project go, are you cooler with less energy now?

Cynthia said...

Cathy - no, the Lamplighter Motel. It was a step down from a Hotel. You ought to look up people on facebook from your class. It's way easy to find high school friends and ask about reunion info.
And the insulation project is ongoing. As long as the attic is cleared out and we are going to insulate, we might as well replace some wiring, wall studs, windows, finish sheetrock etc etc etc. We may be working til January.

Cynthia said...

oh, and Heidi -- when we travel with the kids we ALWAYS stop in Panguitch for ice cream. That's funny that you only remember that.

Suzanne Barker said...

You are the cleverest girl! You can make anything interesting!!!

Lindsey said...

I loved that. The numbers are totally what kept me interested (not that it was AT ALL boring, but I probably wouldn't have even read a travel log if you hadn't made it so catchy). Cindi- you have an aversion to numbers?! What? Oh wait- she probably won't read this again....

Have you read An Invisible Sign of my Own? I'm going to bring it to you tomorrow.

PS- I love your daughter so much.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

I love By the Numbers type of posts. They rock...and yours did ESPECIALLY!

Chelsea said...

I love your numbers post! What a fun way to read about your trip! It was SOOO fun seeing you as you passed through! I'm so glad you were able to stop and meet Nathan! We'll have to do some picture swapping!