Wednesday, August 12, 2009

my personal chef

Melanie passed me a note the other day before church began:
Melanie: What's for dinner tonight?
Me: Who knows? What do you want to cook for us?
Melanie: I have a portfolio of foods I can make. No worries, I'll make dinner.
Me: Really? You're willing to cook tonight? Do you need my help?
Melanie: No Ma'am. I am a one man band. The only think I need help with is finding my MP3. I've retraced my steps sooo many times. I really think I got jacked.
Me: You'd better do a thorough search for it today.
Melanie: Indeed I will. Do we have a plaid coat and a magnifying glass I can use after church?
Here's a video I found this week of Melanie cooking dinner for us when she was about 7??? How can you not love this girl?


Anonymous said...

HAAAAAAA!!!! Why didn't you market this totally charming little imp immediately?!

Wallace & Ladmo would have given her a resident spot on their show, and from there you could have secured an agent and Hollywood or New York - oh man. I'm not kidding.

Love the sun glasses and fashion beads; always a successful accompaniment to fine is not being fully informed as to what you are preparing.

I'm giving her a big, fat kiss right now. What a girl.

Lauri said...

She is hilarious and has really refined the art of family comedy. I love the note she passed you in church (and the fact that whatever note she passes you, you publish on the world wide web).

Anonymous said...

So cute, I bet it was a great meatloaf! Can I borrow her?!

I Am Boymom said...

I love Melanie's humor. Course, she has a funny mom.

Nanna said...

Cindy, I loved the video. What a sweet memory. And she will be a good cook when she has her own home because she started early.