Sunday, August 2, 2009

coming home

The last day of our trip was a bit anxiety inducing for me. We had one vehicle with a mechanical problem so we decided to take it in to town for a (hopefully) quick repair so we would feel safer getting home. We had to be out of our campsite by noon and we were short one adult and one vehicle to pack. It was like trying to organize a can of worms. Some of the girls had some camping experience (knew how to pack the tents properly etc), but many did not. Even getting the personal supplies sorted and packed was quite a chore - and the wet clothes and towels . . . everything was damp. We finally handed each girl a garbage bag for their wet, moist, sandy, dirty clothes and towels and made them pinky swear they would get the bag out of their suitcase right away when they got home so it all wouldn't mold.
Our drive home went pretty smooth. At about three hours into the trip, I told one girls stuck in the back of my car that she could trade seats at the next potty stop - which I think was about every 42 minutes at this point. I had to apologize to her when we got home because we went 4 1/2 hours without stopping! Two cars full of girls across two states without having to stop! Miracles do happen.
So, can you get any cuter than this? Here's the whole crew:
And the adults - Holly, Armella and I:
I've got to hand it to Holly. She runs a great little girl scout troop. She runs things by the book, safety first. She is forever enthusiastic about her troop. And I'm not joking about that. She's like the energizer bunny - she keeps going and going and going and going . . . . I don't know how she keeps her energy up. If anyone is looking for a fun girl scout troop for their daughter in Phoenix, let me know and I'll hook you up!


Cathy said...

Great Group! Great Smiles!

Lindsey said...

can you email me a cute recent picture of Roxanne?