Friday, June 12, 2009


Brady and Melanie gave me a rose bush for Mother's day last month. It was a beautiful plant and a very thoughtful gift.
That is, until I realized I have no flower beds so I had to clear a patch of land, weed, mulch, dig and fertilize and buy some other plants to go around it so it wouldn't be lonely.
It was the most expensive and labor intensive mother's day gift I think I have ever received. Now I live with the daily stress of keeping 5 plants alive in my back yard. We barely keep up with keeping our grass green and mowed semi-regularly. I should be able to keep 5 little plants alive at this point in my life, shouldn't I?


Katie said...

HA! I hear you. I'm the WORST with plants. I did NOT inherit my mom's green thumb. But we have managed to keep a house plant alive for about 4 months now. IT even made the trip. I think it's a keeper.

CaliZona said...

Ah - but 'tis the effort in hopeful nurture that makes the reward sweeter. I'm too proud to ask real gardeners for help and spend a lot of time watering guys that are not long for this world...but it is still satisfying in a lot of ways. Your garden patch looks sweet! Put a chair out there and enjoy it.

I'm also very intense on figuring out which plants/trees that present themselves naturally in the yard can be transplanted. What a bonus! I have a great Wisteria vine that you can easily transplant if you just let it sit in water for a few weeks and grow some roots. I also have 2 different mulberry trees, a cool shade tree un-named, and some spider plants and perriwinkle that can be effortlessly transplanted. Interested?

Cynthia said...

We have mulberry trees that come up spontaneously all over our yard and we mow them down like weeds all the time. Maybe I should just let them grow in my flower garden. They'd grow like magic.

Cathy said...

Best of luck to you, my tumb is not very green either!

Lindsey said...

Everything I have planted this spring/summer is now officially dead. So...I feel your pain. Hey Cindi! Wanna give me some more stuff to kill?