Saturday, March 28, 2009

a typical day . . .

We had a visitor in seminary this morning. My area supervisor wanted to come visit our classroom. He called me last night about coming. It was too late to straighten up the classroom or remind kids to actually be on time or to make sure they had their devotional prepared, but luckily it was early enough in the evening to make sure I had my plans ready enough for the morning. We had planned on a short lesson, then kind of a fun scripture mastery activity. It was a fun little activity involving a video camera. I was worried the kids would feel awkward with an official visitor there, but he joined right in and it was fun.
From there, I drove out to meet my brother, Curtis, for a hike. It was at "Lost Dog Trail" area out in Scottsdale. He arrived before I did and when I got there he was in a full conversation about gardening with a 75 year old woman. I like that about Curtis. He is comfortable talking to anyone. He reminds me a little of my dad that way. Incidentally, this woman had just finished her 5 mile hike! Curtis picked a trail that was very do-able for us, but it was a long steady incline. It wasn't steep, but there just was very little level areas on the trail, or any downhill to catch a breath. Whew! It was a great view from the top. We started at 124th street and Shea, and at the top, we could see over the other side to the fountain area in Fountain Hills, although the fountain wasn't running this morning.

I realized it has been years and years since my brother and I did anything alone. That seems weird that we don't. Whenever we get together, we always have spouses, kids or any other combination of extended family. It was nice to visit with him about family, business, seminary, church etc.
On the way home, I stopped to get some groceries for the weekend. We're going on an overnight campout tomorrow and we needed camp food. I was dusty and sweaty and had hat-hair, but swallowed my pride and went in the store anyway. I just simply didn't have time to go home and get cleaned up and go out again to the store.
Our friends, John and Sharon, borrowed our lawn mower last night for their new house. I mentioned that Melanie needed to get our lawn mowed for the weekend, and when I got home this afternoon, our mower had been returned and our front lawn was already beautifully mowed. What nice friends we have!
At home I got a bit of business done then started dinner. I decided to make a couple of pizzas. I made some dough, let it rise, mixed up some sauce, grated some Mozzarella, slices up some fresh tomatoes and mushrooms and onions. As I am doing this I realize that the more time I put into a delicious home-made dinner, the smaller the likelihood that anyone will actually be home for dinner. The only time everyone is actually home and actually hungry is when I am too busy, tired, stressed, or lazy to make a nutritious dinner. Then they are all milling around the kitchen wondering what's for dinner.
After dinner, it was off to the Stake Camp Kickoff meeting with Melanie. I've been to this event every year since 1998 when Rachel began going to camp. It's a fun evening, but quite similar to every other one the past 11 years. The amazing thing about our stake's girls camp is that it truly is run by the girls. They take on so much leadership for camp each summer. I am impressed that they rise to the occasion and run the whole show - planning, organizing, firesides, classes, everything. It's impressive to watch.
Apparently, the girls had to document the drive over to the church -- I never know what I am going to find on my camera. It is clear that they both wear their seat belts, so yay!
Late evening, we had to catch up on the results show of American Idol. I've got a couple of favorites, they seem to be safe for now. I can't tell who the sure front runners are going to be yet.
I've got a Seminary Inservice meeting in the morning so I don't have to prepare a lesson. Dave is taking my seminary class, and a student is teaching the lesson so he doesn't have to prepare either. It's kind of a nice break mentally to go to bed and not have to have a lesson on my mind for the morning. The inservice meeting is at 6 a.m. though and I'm used to our class starting at 7 every morning so it's still going to be hard to get out at that pre-dawn hour.

We finally climb into bed at 11 - way too late when I have to get up at 5, but I rarely seem to get into bed before then, sometimes even later.


Bandanamom said...

This sounds very familiar - although without the seminary lesson to worry about. Every day sort of blurs into the next with a random assortment of tasks that blur into each other!

Lauri said...

Amazing what a modern Mormon woman can fit into ONE day. And we wonder why we're so tired?

When we used to have Seminary inservice, we didn't have seminary that day. What a pain to have to get a substitute. And in the three years that I taught, I NEVER had anyone come and observe my class. Glad you were prepared.

Anonymous said...

You're a SuperMom! You always make good use of your time in all the right ways, a very good example for me to try to live up to!

Curtis Whipple said...

It's really cool that 3 of the 4 Whipples have been seminary teachers. Garry? Step up! In the time that I taught, I never got an official observer either. It worked out good so I could teach the Gospel according to Curtis. Just kidding.

Thanks for the hike. It was absolutely a pleasure to hang out with you too and not spouses and a million other distractions.

rachel said...

What. A. Day!! Mom, you really are amazing. Thanks for everything you do and everything you are. Love you!