Saturday, January 17, 2009

lucky number 57

I thought my days of worrying about my little boy's skeletal structure were over. We sat through years of high school football games cringing every time he stood against a brute on the opposing team. Now here he is again, playing center on his team. He hikes the ball and smashes head first into grown men - older and bigger and meaner than he is.

Brady joined a community league football team this year. He has loved football since middle school. He played it every recess, every year through high school and has joined up again. He is on the Wolverines? or the Wolfpack? I can't remember, some wolf-like name.

His team took on a team from Casa Grande today and they were in the valley so we gathered up his fan club went to cheer him on. (btw, I don't know what fashion statement Melanie is making here.)

Anyway, he got to keep his old high school jersey number 57 so he gets to continue hearing our favorite cheer. "Hey, 57 -- give 'em the SAUCE!" (get it? . . . Heinz 57? . . . steak sauce? . . . well, he never has appreciated the cleverness of it either.)
Nevertheless, he loves the game and we enjoy cheering him on. There is only one thing I so very badly want to shout out to help my little boy succeed on the playing field. "Pull up your socks, buddy!!"


amelia said...

"Give em the sauce" that is clever!

Ha, I was having a newborn moment the other day and was asking GJ if he thinks parenting will get easier as they get bigger...he said "It gets different" and it's so true. Sure, Brady's at a totally self-sufficient age, but the worry over a grown son is there.

Lauri said...

Is this new? You didn't tell me he was playing football again (still). I was so glad when Michael's football playing days were over. Of course now he has a motorcycle so I still worry.

Cathy said...

Yeah, I would also be one saying "pull up your socks buddy"! I think it's great when the kids continue their "loves" even after high school, I hope he is never seriously injured and I love the "Heinz" cheer! (I bet he does too, secrectly knowing it is only for him!)

rachel said...

Hahaha. love it.