Tuesday, December 16, 2008

o christmas tree, o christmas tree

We had a ward Christmas party last weekend. It was held on a Saturday morning which was perfect. There was a huge turnout, great food, a delightful program. (Cindi, did I tell you I loved the program - you did a fantastic job). There was one thing that surprised me though. Something I don't think would happen at an evening holiday party. A huge number of people came to the party dressed as though they were coming to a work project, sweats and t-shirts. It was a more casual event, ok I get that. But still.
Anyway. My assignment was to make a backdrop for family photos. Not actually a backdrop, but a prop. I didn't come up with the idea, but it turned out pretty cute. I cut out and painted a plywood Christmas tree with several cutouts that a family could be the ornaments on the tree.

Holiday parties are over now, assignments and projects are done and we've got a few days to relax and enjoy our own family. I'm looking forward to a nice week.


Bandanamom said...

This is a brilliant photo prop. I almost wish we could have gone to the party just to have our photo taken in this fake tree. Did you save it or is the ward saving it? (just thinking I would not want to have to figure out a place to keep this but also, would not want to get rid of it either). Good job Cindi!

PERSONALLY I am in favor of going back to evening Christmas parties. Saturdays during the day are always horrible times for us, whereas I can usually fit in an evening party as long as I have enough advance notice.

Bandanamom said...

Sorry, just realized I did a cindi with an 'i' when I usually don't slip and do that to you.

Y oh Y.

Anonymous said...

That's great! I'm sure the photos were adorable and funny! I do hope it gets to stay around for another year!

Debbie said...

Really cute idea! Good work!

Lauri said...

Great idea! I wonder how that family feels knowing they're posted on your blog?

I love your pics of the Desert botanical Garden. I saw a clip of it on the news and it looks spectacular!

amelia said...

Oh, that is cool! Our ward party had the promise of Santa and I was all excited to get Peanut's picture with Mr. Clause...instead they had a nativity scene and I was PISSED (I know, I'm horrible, but I really wanted that Santa pic.)

Rae said...

The tree turned out great. You and Dave are awesome. Rest assured Lezlee that next years Christmas party will be in the evening. But that is as far as my planning has gone for that.

Thanks again for your service and help Cynthia.