Saturday, December 27, 2008

comments as we opened gifts

Brady: No, it's not a crowbar. It's a prybar. It is for 'prying' situations.

Cynthia: Look, slippers! and they are bedazzled!

Melanie: I got a big bottle of lotion.
Rachel: What flavor?
Melanie: Mango . . . I can't wait to taste it.

Brady: Nice! Tow straps!
Cynthia: Tow straps??!
Brady: It's a man thing.
Dave: I did some shopping at Freight Harbor.

Brady, opening a cool new jacket: What are all these zippers about? Does this come with instructions?

Roxanne: Yay! There's no such thing as too many hair products.

Cynthia (handing a gift to Brady): It's heavy. It's no hair product, I'll tell you that.
Brady: It's a man toy.

Melanie: I love rings. . . they complete me!

Brady: Nice! a magnetic tray for nuts and bolts.
Cynthia: Dave, you have shopped somewhere I have never shopped in my life.

Dave (to Rachel): I picked out a book for you. It's not about Vampires, but . . .

Dave (opening a gift from Brady): Us men know how to buy for each other!

We began this morning with a little incident involving Silly String that everyone had in their stockings: There was some creative gift wrapping (a dozen bottles of nail polish).
Lexi even got some new toys.
The rest of the day was restful. Waffles, puzzles, movies, games, gingerbread houses, dinner, visiting, reading, relaxing. It was raining all afternoon. We didn't have any plans to go anywhere, but the rain just made it seem like we were supposed to be enjoying the cozy indoors. It was as much a winter day as we ever get here.

Only 364 shopping days until Christmas again!


Katie said...

I love it...every word. I want my family to be as fun as yours when we grow up. Silly string in stockings? Could there be a better idea? That will be on Santa's shopping list next year.

Lauri said...

Katie's right...every word is perfect. Next year, I'm going to write down what we say. We may be hilarious too and I don't know it.

Lauri said...

Katie's right...every word is perfect. Next year, I'm going to write down what we say. We may be hilarious too and I don't know it.

Cathy said...

Cute! cute! We were so lame we didn't even take pictures!

Jennie said...

My two favorite comments were about tasting the lotion and the book not being about vampires, only really great wonderful people would understand that comment!!! :)
Silly string...super kids would have loved being at your house...I made them go out in the backyard in the rain to play with theirs!!

Cynthia said...

Well, Katie, use the silly string before your living room gets full of opened presents. We had to stop and sweep and vacuum before we continued with anything else. But it was worth it - a wild 10 minutes.

Curtis Whipple said...

There was once a crow in my garden in California who was eating my tomatoes-- I grabbed the first implement I could find-- and it was a crowbar. It worked.

You want a piece of me? You think you can take me? You go tell your little crow friends too! I got more where that came from.

amelia said...

All your memorable quotes? AWESOME. Silly string all over your camera and floor? AWESOME.

Dana and Daisy said...

whew! That's a lot of kids in their teens all at once! Bless your heart!

Life with Kaishon said...

This looks like SO much fun : ). What a great idea to write down comments. You are a fun mom!