Thursday, October 23, 2008

what are the chances?

Do you remember the fire hydrant that got knocked out a couple weeks ago at our client's warehouse? It got run over again this week. What are the chances? That hydrant has been standing in the same place for over 30 years and the poor thing got run over by a semi twice in a month. Go figure. The good thing is that Dave knew exactly what hydrant to purchase at our supplier, intalled it in record time and we could just re-date the invoice, send it through the copier and mail it out again.


Lauri said...

CRAZY!!! Looks like some truck drivers need a driving refresher course.

Anonymous said...

maybe that is not the most ideal spot for a hydrant, or -

this company might consider re-vamping their loading dock as dock/water park.

Jennie said...

That is hilarious!