Sunday, October 5, 2008

txt msgs lol

I'm a chronic saver of things I don't need to save. Sometimes because I might "need" them, but usually because they remind me of someone or something - good times, good memories. I have realized I have been doing that on my cell phone. I have a lot of messages from friends and family that are funny or feel good messages and they are clogging up my text message memory. So I'm going to save them right here instead:

Roxanne Our driver has been playing Michael Buble on the way up here and I woke up to that "Cuando, Cuando, Cuando" song. All I could picture was Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle singing it the whole time. haha

Rachel: Mom, this book is going to give me an anxiety attack. I keep having to stop and calm myself down. This is getting ridiculous!

Madeline, after reading our blog about our fig tree coming down: You know, you could have made a lot of jam and preserves with all those fig turds.
My reply: haha. what would I put on the label? "Fig Turd Jam"?
Madeline: Yes, then send them out as Christmas gifts.

Madeline: Just seen at the fair -- nineties old man, jeans, plaid shirt, farm hat, oxygen tube and tank on motorized wheelchair. Now here's where it gets weird - the chair has chrome skulls on the handles, strobe lights, and flames. Obviously he has been a victim of "Pimp my Wheelchair"
Me: What, no pictures?
Madeline: I'm telling you, he was fast.

Me, texting from women's conference at BYU last spring: I get to listen to the prophet. He just walked in.
(then I turned off my phone after I sent that message - really.)
When I turned on my phone later that afternoon, I read Roxanne's reply: AND YOU'RE TEXTING??? haha. cool.

Madeline: I am embarassed to say that Grant and I were just saved from a disgustingly huge flying roach by my 12 year old daughter who didn't even blink . . . sad.
Me: didn't blink? yes, sad.
Madeline: I know. She had no fear as she stalked, squished and flushed it. Grant and I screamed like . . . well . . . girls.

Roxanne: I have that Fancy Pants song stuck in my head. I have the urge to get up and start dancing too. haha

I was out of town on prom weekend. Roxanne sent me this when she got home from her hair appointment. Isn't she sweet?

Brady: Check it out. October 4th. First snow sighting when I climbed Mt. Humphrey 12,633 feet. Tallest point in AZ.

This one needed no text. Joe and Madeline are in Salt Lake City picking up Drew from his mission!

Me, very late at night: Text of them you get in the dor, k? I an gong to bed.
(I meant to type, text me when you get in the door, k? I am going to bed.)
Roxanne: That was confusing haha. But yeah, I will :)
Me: See? I need to go to bed. Good Night.

Roxanne: WooWoo, I know! ( I saved this because I've never heard Roxanne say woo woo. I'm curious how she would use it out loud in conversation.)

And how could I not save these love messages from the people I love the most (and Melanie, I love you the most too and I am acknowledging your grief of not having a cell phone, and I realize you surely would entertain me with messages daily).

Rachel: Night :)

Brady: Love you. gnight

Roxanne: Love ya too, Night

Dave: I love you, I really miss you.


Anonymous said...

That's cute, I am too lame for texting so it is blocked on our phones so I don't have to pay for it.

Shando said...

That is such a cool blog! Most of the texts I get these days consist of "Mom, can you put money in my account...too busy to actually speak to you but really just need your cash"

How's that for love?

Katie said...

YEah, I don't know how to text. Embarrassing, huh? I love that you saved those. I saved a message for like a year and a half one time from Spencer's Indian boss. It was fantastic. But it was on our land line and we had a baby who knew exactly how to erase it. tragedy.

Cynthia said...

I know Katie, I've got a sweet message from father-in-law on my home phone and I just keep saving it every 100 days when it pops up again.
And Shando, cash=love, doesn't it?

Lauri said...

I guess saving text messages is like the old days when we used to save letters that someone special would write to us. Too bad I don't know how to text don't try send me a text message. Well, actually, I do know how to retrieve them and read them but I can't answer back.

Anonymous said...

If I could find my glasses, I'd read my messages. I mean, message. I think it's from Cricket.

Rae said...

those are cool! hahaha Fig turds!!! would have been great jam!

rachel said...

You are such a hip mom.

Suzanne said...

I love the way you can see how much you all love each other through your posts. It's heartwarming!

Lindsey said...

Came over from Celia Fae! Fun to see a fellow arizonan... I am new here, so, I don't know many bloggers yet! Also TONS of fun to know you text with your kids. Your teenagers look so happy. How? I have small kids, but I DO want to know HOW you keep your teenagers happy. Is it by texting per chance?