Wednesday, October 29, 2008

rachel had a birthday

Happy Birthday Dear Rachel, Happy Birthday to Yoooouuuuu!!!! We had a quick little celebration at home then headed to the State Fair for the rest of the evening. Dave and I haven't been there in years. This is Melanie's 3rd time there this month.

I'm not sure who I snapped a picture of. The ride was making me dizzy to even watch and this was the best photo I could get.

Then we had to see the freakishly large steer.
The girls spent more time trying to decide what sun glasses to buy than they spent on any other ride or game. I'm not sure Dave appreciates the fact the shopping is as much of any event as the event itself.

Why oh why would anyone want to do this:

There was only one long line but obviously we are easily entertained while we waited.


Anonymous said...

How Fun! We havn't been in years either, I'm a real "chicken" when it comes to rides, the merrigoround is about my speed! Happy Birthday to Rachel!

Lauri said...

You captured the essence of the state fair...all except the funnel cakes. I've been dying to go this year for some reason but never made it. Glad you had a fun time. What rides did YOU go on?

Cynthia said...

The ferris wheel and the log ride. How pathetic am I?
Katie, if you read this, Melanie has spent hours and hours at the state fair, and not one sweet or fried anything has gone in her mouth. (But she is dying for this contest to be over.)

Anonymous said...

These girls look absolutely blue-ribbon adorable even making goofy faces!

Jennie said...

Oh that ride makes me sick just watching it!! How fun that you all went to the fair! I am like you, I haven't been in years. Maybe next year?!

Suzanne Barker said...

Cynthia, you really captured the essence of the fair. It makes me wish I had gone! Happy Birthday to Rachel!

rachel said...

Where's me and melanie's video of the slingshot?!?! that thing is the best.