Saturday, September 13, 2008


Dave claims to be so busy. Always something driving him. Never time to relax. Work, work, work.
Well I actually followed him around and evaluated his activities this weekend. His so-called work just seemed like one big party after another to me.
Friday afternoon I found him driving this big-boy toy tractor around. It works just like those toys on the playground in the park, except this bad machine has a plush vinyl seat and a real loud engine. He just sits back and pushes and pulls all the levers. An afternoon of pure joy for a boy at heart.
Then we sat down and ate a birthday cake with Brady. (I forgot my camera to document this event, but Dave, you know you were partying all night.)
Saturday morning, he was to meet a friend to repair a neighbor's roof. When he arrived at the crack of dawn, no friend, no supplies, no tools. The repair had to be rescheduled. But he got to see a lovely sunrise. Is that good fortune or what?
Later in the morning as I was crawling out of bed, I found him adhering our backsplash in the kitchen. It's just like arts and crafts! Let the creative juices flow. Next week's craft project -- "Fun with Grout".
Then back outside for more playtime. He is practicing for the state fair this year. See the similarities?
Then he caught up with his chorus for a performance rehearsal. Singing? Is that hard? I call it soothing and relaxing. Just chilling out with his friends. Let's call it "chillaxing".
Next, he spent a couple of hours smoothing out our yard/driveway project from earlier today. We've got a real "party" showing up at our house tonight and we don't want our friends to have to hurdle over the death-defying crevice we have at the end of the driveway. So shoveling dirt around? Is that much different than playing in the sandbox? I say no.
Next he hosted a party in our home with a group of friends from church. He did this alone because I was celebrating with my nephew in Mesa. (It was his Eagle Court of Honor. YAY Niels!) Anyway, about Dave. He hosted this party alone because, well, we can't be two places at once. Dave is definitely a partier -- life of the party, host of all hosts, friend of all festivities, manager of multitudes, an entertainer of everybody. Well, you get the picture. Sunday morning, he starts his day with a 7:30 am church meeting. Well, compared to yesterday, that's a leisurely "sleeping in" kind of morning!
Sunday night, another party. (Happy Birthday to me).
Here he ends his day, relaxing on the recliner. He is such a social butterfly.

All in all, I say it was a delightful weekend, don't you think?


Katie said...

Nice to have a hard working husband, huh?

I am loving your new back splash. I'd love to see more pictures of your kitchen. Actually pictures of your whole house. I haven't been there in like 6 years. It looks so different.

Cathy said...

That is SO VERY CUTE! I love it, my husband has days like that too, but I do think the recliner gets the most hours!

Heidi said...

Happy belated Birthday!

Nanna said...



Stohl Fam said...

Sounds pretty relaxing to me! Happy late Birthday by the way. Hope it was a good one!

Lauri said...

YIKES! what a weekend. Glad it was him, not me.

BTY, love your backsplash.

Suzanne said...

Dave, You're the man!