Tuesday, July 29, 2008

it's been a fun year

Well Miss Mel,
I missed posting this on your birthday, but close enough . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
It's been a fun and eventful year. Here's hoping next year will be even more fun.

You make life fun everywhere you go!! We love you.


Meghan said...

Yes, Mel, you doooooooo! I love you like a fat man loves cake!

Lauri said...

Those are some great pictues, Melanie. Looks like you enjoy life!

CaliZona said...

Melanie Grace
has a beautiful face
except behind the wheel
in a go-cart race.

The banana cream birthday pie reminds me of my 10th birthday when I demanded a pumpkin pie served with orange sherbet. My party guests were not as enthusiastic about the menu.