Sunday, July 6, 2008


Comment on last blog: Cindy, we heard there was some barbershop drama in Nashville - CNN had a ticker that said "Harmony not so Harmonious for the Barbershop Groups in Nashville!" - what the heck? Did a fight break out among the Tenors?

lol -- Apparently there is some serious drama brewing in the barbershop world. (See? I told you there is a whole "world" of barbershop out there!)

Click here to read about the disturbing issue. Big big story, I tell you.

Did I tell you it is hard to sit through five days of singing competition? It is mostly because they all start to sound the same. How many arrangements of "Yes, Sir, That's My Baby" can you sit through? When a young collegiate group comes in and sings maybe a Beatles song that has been arranged with the distinctive dominant seventh chord to make the classic barbershop sound, it is very refreshing to the audience. But hard-core (and usually old aged) barbershoppers have a problem with modernization and would rather sing "Wild Irish Rose" the rest of their singing career.

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