Thursday, July 10, 2008

20 years in the making . . .

Thanks Lezlee - here goes:

20 years ago:

  • I had an adorable 18month old.
  • was the last time I got a traffic ticket.
  • we just moved into an old decrepit abandoned house that was falling apart. But it was ours -- all ours!
10 years ago:

  • we had an 11 year old, a 9 year old, a 6 year old and a 3 year old.
  • I ran a daycare group.
  • we built a second floor on our house.

5 years ago:

  • I had a daughter that could drive!
  • I became an eagle scout (c'mon moms - you know you earn it as much as your sons.)
  • I was doing some subsitute teaching at my kids' school.

3 years ago:

  • I started working from home.
  • we traveled to Hawaii and Alaska.
  • I was teaching Relief Society.
1 year ago:

  • I refinished 9 wooden dining room chairs.
  • I went on a fun road trip with my sister.
  • I had my first vacation all by myself. (Family traveled to Idaho, I had some scheduling complications so I couldn't go. It was a blissful week!)

This year so far:

  • we worked on some remodeling.
  • I taught early morning seminary.
  • I traveled to Nashville, Provo and Catalina.
Yesterday I:

  • I took care of some office paperwork.
  • I hung a shelf in the laundry room.
  • I organized shelves/cupboards in laundry room.
Today I will:

  • run errands - Home depot for a/c filters, bank deposit, drop off stuff at DI
  • watch "So You Think You Can Dance"
  • attend a seminary training meeting.

Tomorrow I will:

  • sent out collection letters for our business.
  • post some ads on Craig's List.
  • find a book I'm supposed to be reading. (I had it once, but left it on an airplane last week)

In the next year I will:

  • organize all the storage spaces in our house.
  • be a better visiting teacher.
  • enjoy this transitional stage more - kids graduating, moving out, etc. and figure out how to be a mom to adult kids (any suggestions are welcome).
I tag: Rachel, Lauri, Cathy and Cindi


Anonymous said...

Boy, it's been a long time since I've been to your house, I did not know you had a second story! I love your chairs! They look terrific! Hard to believe what goes on in 20 years! (And they were really short & fast!) As for adult kids...augh! I think I'll go back to the teens!!! I feel right now we try to listen, be supportive, but we do a lot of reminding them of covenants and committments, blessings and a whole lot of praying and suggesting! Now, I know for a fact, we were not at all like this at their age!!! You guys are great, and look at all that talent you all have, you all always amaze me!

Lauri said...

This is a fun tag and helps put things in perspective and realize that in the midst of the rat race, we do accomplish much!

I'm not going to do it until I get back so I have time to think about it.

Anonymous said...

Cynthia dahling - you are BEAUTIFUL and everyone in the family is BEAUTIFUL - ! (To say nothing of a very impressive time-line).

Do you realize what a miracle that family portrait is? Instead of documenting our family group on a regular basis like everyone else I knew - our attempts were too few and disappointing. Someone was always doing the bug-eye, or grinning like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, having a bad hair day, or worse - closing their eyes.

Now that I have been organizing more of our photo collection, I feel better about how we are captured on film. It seems charming, even endearing in my old age.

You are however, very lucky to have such a beautiful portrait of everyone! This one ought to be Large and in charge in your foyer or - replacing what's over the piano. Yes. Let this be the one people can see while they are knocking on your door!

I am Boymom said...

Wow! What a lot of accomplishments! Glad to get to know a bit more about you, Cindy. yeah, I so can't even imagine the adult children thing...sooo far away!!