Thursday, October 18, 2007


What started out as bored teenagers with a camera ended up as a three-day competitive jumping contest. . . kids trying to out-do their parents, uncles trying to out-do their nephews. The angle was to see who could have the most creative mid-air shot.

I ran across these photos the other day and I don't know if we've shared them with the family. It was a fun addition to our family reunion. Here are some of my favorites: Elizabeth had to do this jump about 7 times. Each time she would jump in with a joyous "TA DAAA!" Then she would she would come up out of the water (coughing and sputtering) and ask me if I got a good picture of her. Unfortunately her jumping expertise was much better than my photography expertise and she had to repeat her plunge again and again (each time equally joyous). You can't tell from the photo, but I was worrying about her water-filled lungs before we were done capturing that jump.

What could be better than a family reunion?

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rachel said...

i love all those pictures they're awesome. :)