Monday, February 10, 2014

wedding morning

Rachel and Kyle were married in the Mesa AZ Temple.  I couldn't have been happier. That is where Dave and I were married, and where my parents were married. (by the way, if you happen to be reading this and are not familiar with the LDS Temple, it is a religious, reverent, sacred ceremony, and we save all the celebratory photos for outside the temple)  It was a beautiful day, threatening to rain, but it didn't, just gave us a beautiful day for photos. 

 Friends and family stepped out of the temple first, then comes the bride and groom --
 let the celebration begin!

 A little brotherly love.

  Rachel and Kyle's friends and family at the temple. Trying to organize everyone becomes quite a task.

 With Peggy and Wayne Watkins (Grandma and Grandpa)

 Rachel's family - except for a few that had to rush of to get a head start on the luncheon (Thank you, Lauri)

 Rachel's Cousins

 Kyle's friends and family

 Kyle's Mom, Joan

  Rachel and her Bridesmaids

 Kyle and his Groomsmen

 Our 4 kids with spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends

 I asked Deann to take a picture of everyone because they all looked so beautiful today.


Our new Family of Eight !!