Monday, February 10, 2014

wedding luncheon

Lauri is often my favorite sister. She does so many nice things for me.  Lauri hosted a beautiful luncheon on Rachel's wedding day.  It is always nice and inviting to go in her house anyway, but for her to go to great lengths to make our day extra special is so amazing.
Between the temple services in the morning, and the reception in the evening, we had a whole bunch of hungry people. Lauri served adorable boxed lunches. Look how cute they turned out.  I'm missing some photos, I know I had a photo of how they were displayed, all stacked up and labeled so cute.

 I had a few pictures of some of the guests too, but I'm not finding them right now, but here are a couple of cute guests (Debbie and Garry have some adorable granddaughters), and a sleepy guest.  It is nice to get a chance to rest for a minute on a busy day.

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