Sunday, February 17, 2013


 Dave and I decided to try a zip line cruise excursion in Cabo San Lucas while we were in Mexico last month.  I have no idea why we chose to do this, as we had no idea what is involved. I heard that my mom had done it a few years ago. I figured if she could, I could.  In my head, I thought it was one cable ride. . . hook up to the cable at the top and take a ride down the mountain. We signed up and paid for this particular tour before we realized what was involved. It was a course all over the mountain - on and off the cable about a dozen times, significant hiking between the platforms, a 90 foot rappel, rock climbing, a cable bridge crossing, a wobbly bridge crossing, and a whole lot of fun. We rode a jeep up to the top of the mountain, zipped across the canyon over and over again until we got to the bottom. That top picture of Dave is my favorite. That blurry background is what if felt like flying through the canyon. It was awesome!  

 We had so much fun in Cabo, we found another course in Puerto Vallarta at our next stop on our cruise.
 I got a "swag" shirt at girls camp last summer. I was standing on the platform about to fly across the canyon, and one of the guides asked, "What does SWAG mean?" I am not sure I can describe what swag means in English, for sure I can't describe it to someone in Spanish.

  The last line was at the bottom of the course and dipped low over the river.  They warned Dave they might not be able to keep him out of the water. He tried dipping his hand in, but got a little more than he bargained for.

 I fared a little better. A little splash, but not soaked.
 We had mules to ride back up to the top of the hill. I got in the saddle, and they asked if I knew how to ride a horse. I told them I basically knew all you could learn by watching people on TV ride horses. Their response was to say "Good, don't fall out of the saddle!" and sent me on my way. There was a big gap between me and the people in front of me who had already gone around the corner so I was alone. I hollered back over my shoulder "Does he know the way? Because I don't!" Apparently they trusted the mule to get me back without my help.
Definitely an adventure to remember.  When Suzanne and I went to Catalina Island last week, I talked her into going on a new zip line they have in Avalon. She wrote about our adventure here .  So three zip lining adventures in 30 days!


Lauri said...

you are so much more adventurous than I am. That doesn't look anything like I imagined a zipline...this looks more like rappelling. Glad you had fun and are still alive to tell about it.

Roxanne Hale said...

Hahaha I just laughed out loud ate that mule part. I'm glad it didn't decide to go on it's own adventure that day.