Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Random woman on the street talking to her niece (about 4 or 5 years old): "I can't hold you. Once you weigh more than a bag of my dog food, I can't pick you up anymore."

Same random woman telling her niece why she couldn't have a soda: "If you are thirsty, you can't have soda. You will still be thirsty. Because soda has sugar in it and it's like a sponge in your mouth and soaks up all the spit and makes your mouth dry because you don't have any spit. If you're thirsty, you can only drink water and juice."

In Mexico, this sign just made Dave and I want to touch the bird!

The dining room on the cruise ship was called "The Golden Pearl".  I just couldn't see pearls, I could only see fried eggs everywhere:

This liquor store in Avalon is apparently only open from 9am until noon.

I like the addition of the wording "common decency" requires . . . 

A text I got while riding in Suzanne's birthday limousine:
from Roxanne: "Remember girls, have a good time, don't be a good time!"
and from Rachel: "Make smart choices!"
Suzanne planned a picnic  . . . in the middle of the lake.  She rented a pontoon boat and invited a handful of friends and off we went to Lake Pleasant. It was a perfectly pleasant day on Lake Pleasant.

Cameras come out as we eased out of the Marina.
"This may be the last photo we ever take"

"Is this the map? Ok, we are here." (circling finger generally over the whole map) "We are going to go in an general eastern western direction to about here." (still circling finger generally over the whole entire map)

We found out there was an actual recorded song about a Pontoon Boat. Who knew?

"Sorry I put my elbow in your salad."
"That's ok, I've found worse things in my lunch."

"Don't eat so much that you don't have room for the cake."
"How about we wait a while before we break out the dessert."
"Because sitting around leisurely on a boat is bound to work up an appetite!"

Outside the gate of the boat - walking on water!

There were conversations involving words that went right over my head. Did you know there is such a thing as a Dendrologist? (the science and study of wooded plants . . . I had to look it up)

There was also a conversation about the pronunciation of the word "Marina".

"I heard some friends were going to Las Vegas to see the Eagles. I couldn't figure out why there would be eagles in Las Vegas!"

"Oh, I look like 'Gilbert'. . . . no, wait . . . 'Gilligan'!"

"I look like I'm wearing a bonnet!"

"Do you want to drive? or do you want to sit?"
"I think I'm going to sit whether I drive or not."

"When do you usually see the wild mules out here?"
"Probably more like dawn and dusk. And they are usually by the shore."
"Hmmm, where else would we be looking for them, swimming alongside our boat?"

"This is a good day to get a little tan on my legs."
"What? your tan Mexican legs need to get some sun?"
"Oh, sorry, am I talking to the wrong people?"


Suzanne Barker said...

So funny. I was laughing out loud at work. Everyone wanted to know why.

Roxanne Hale said...

Ha! I love the "common decency" thing. We need a sign like that at work... Someone came in without pants the other day!

Lauri said...

Either you have the uncanny ability to see the humor in all situations or you just hang out with extremely funny people.