Monday, September 3, 2012

Dave, the 9 year old

Last month, Melanie was talking to one of her young women leaders about needing some nail polish. Kaelene offered some of her daughter's polish. So Sunday afternoon, Melanie walked down the street to borrow some nail polish from a 2nd grader. (Melanie has no age boundaries in her circle of friends. She goes jogging with Kaelene and does her nails with Kiara.) After borrowing the nail polish, the 3 kids decided that someone should walk Melanie home. So they all walked down the street to our house. Then they needed Melanie to walk them home, then they needed to walk Melanie home etc etc.  When Dave realized they were going to be coming and going through the afternoon, he loaded up the nerf guns and attacked the next time the kids walked in the door. No one is safe when Dave is around.
Kaelene finally had to come over to rescue her kids.
Then last night, these four lovely girls got the same nerf gun treatment from Dave. To protect themselves from Dave's assault, they ganged up on him - four to one. Then it turned into a free-for-all, simple self preservation. Rachel was walking through the living room and even got caught up in the havoc.

It would appear that this is a calm house where only adults live, but no. Let this be a warning if you happen to come visit.

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Roxanne Hale said...

I love those nerf guns. Best Christmas presents ever.