Friday, September 7, 2012

alarm clock + hiking = math equation

I set my alarm to head out on a hike this morning as the sun was coming up.  It's the only time of day that is a little bit less hot than all the other times of the day. I'm not sure how the human brain works, but as the alarms rings at 5:20, I suddenly go into a complicated mathematical equation regarding how much hotter it would be if I hike a little later in the morning? and if I hike later, will there be parking available? and will I still be able to hike on the shady side of the mountain? and if not, which other trail would I choose? and how late can I leave the house before it is miserable outside? All of this thought process takes place before I get my shoulder back under the covers after I turn off the alarm. My 5:50 hike began this morning at 6:55. The upside to sleeping in today is that is was overcast and therefore a little bit cooler, although the term "cool" is relative - temperatures in the 90's isn't cool unless it's just recently cooled down from 112 degrees.
It was actually quite pleasant this morning. It started lightly sprinkling before I was at the halfway point, nothing to worry about so I went on.  Then about 20 minutes before I expected to be back at the car, the rain really started coming down.  I was quickly soaked, but it still felt good. I would have done one more short loop, but the trail was turning into a little stream and I started getting worried about my phone and music getting wet. The desert sure looks and smells pretty in the rain. Even the rocks are more colorful. Love it.


Roxanne Hale said...

I never replied to your text today - I will give you a call tomorrow! But I do math ALL THE TIME in the mornings! I have class at 7:30 am Mondays and Wednesdays, at 9:00 am Tuesdays and Thursdays, and an internship to be at at 11:00 am Fridays. I have to dress differently depending on the day and if my hair looks alright I can get away with not washing it that day. So half asleep, I figure out how much time it will take me to get ready, when I have to leave the house to be at school on time to walk to class, and count backwards from that time. It's a mess and I end up confusing the days half the time anyways!

Lauri said...

I do the math the night before because once the alarm goes off, I'm not sleeping soundly anymore. I like every minute of sleep possible.

You're lucky you didn't get washed away in the storm. That came up very suddenly!