Saturday, May 19, 2012

foam fest

The girls signed up for a 5K fun run out in Scottsdale this morning, called the Foam Fest.  It was a run, an obstacle course, a rope climb, hurdles, a mud pit, and a soapy foamy trough to run through. They stayed up late last night painting their team t-shirts. The outfits people wear to these events are always funny - kilts, tutus, wings, capes, etc.
It was out in the desert, it was HOT, and it wasn't quite as organized for such a large crowd as they should have been. Poor Audrey just about got blinded by Melanie's mud antics, but no harm done in the end. After we got home, got cleaned up and downloaded the pictures -- it was all worth it. Go Team Bubble Blasters!! (Rachel, Roxanne, Melanie and Audrey)

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Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of good "clean" fun!!! Loved the video!