Saturday, April 2, 2011

random thoughts on a roadtrip

I dressed a little too casual for travelling. I stopped by Wal-Mart on my way out of town and I looked around and realized I pretty much fit in with the masses. Yikes.

Does anyone have a mathematical explanation for why 2 lanes of traffic traveling at 65 mph on the highway has to slow to 12 mph for a 3 mile stretch to merge into one lane. Slowing, yes. Slowing to a near stop, I don't get it.

When I'm at home in my office and near the phone, fax and computer, no one will return my calls. When I am driving across northern Arizona and can't access the computer or even a pen and paper, everyone calls me - clients, doctors, suppliers . . . everyone.

Despite the fact that I despise eating alone, Strombolli's Fine Italian Cuisine in Page serves a delicious pizza. Great leftovers for breakfast too.

I'm listening to an Audiobook, "Shantaram". It starts out dark, but has parts that had me laughing out loud. Sadly it downloaded onto my MP3 out of order (disc 1 chapter 1, disc 2 chapter 1, disc 3 chapter 1, etc) It has 10 minute chapters and I can't be distracted that often while driving to skip around to follow the chapter sequence. So I finally ended up listening to the beginning, the middle and the end alternately.

I wanted to get a cheap little hotel near Bryce Canyon. I think all the small towns in central Utah shut down during the off season. Ghost towns.

Cheapest motel ever - $35 including tax in Kanab. It was old, yes, but clean and surprisingly full of extra features - breakfast, internet, cable, microwave, refrigerator. I think I deserve a prize for finding that.

I am sad that the dinosaur at the entrance Moqui Cave is gone. I know it's been gone for years, but it's still sad.

There was a police apparently trying to slow traffic . . . I think. Flapping one arm up and down like a bird is the universal symbol for what??

10 hours of driving to stay in Provo for 38 hours and then 10 more hours of driving is too short of a trip. We're going again for a quick turn around trip in two weeks. I'm tired already.


Suzanne Barker said...

Ta Da! You DO get the prize for finding the best hotel deal!

Heidi said...

Strombolli's brings back so many good memories. We often go there on our Lake Powell trips. yum.

Bandanamom said...

I'm pretty sure that flapping the one arm thing up and down means "I'm just told to come out here by my boss but I really don't know what they expect me to do so I'm just doing this and you can interpret it how you want". Or something like that. Glad to know about Stombolli's because I can never find anything to eat in Page besides gross fast food.

amelia said...

Spill on the Kanab hotel! That is a wonderful deal!