Monday, April 25, 2011


Melanie went off to the "Mormon" prom the other night. She and Rachel went dateless. Proms are so different than they were way back in the previous century when I went. They were so stuffy back in the 70's. . . . or was it just my perception? There was so much pressure to have a date. It's cool that they can go and enjoy a whole group of friends and have fun. These girls have fun wherever they go, I must say.

I was a bit of a lame mom this year. I begged out of shopping for a dress with Melanie, although I was a consultant through text messages and pictures sent back and forth from dressing rooms all over town. I am grateful for Jennifer and Vicki to alter dresses, curl hair, help with make-up and accessorize so beautifully.


Roxanne Hale said...

Melanie is turning into such a beautiful young lady! Her and Rachel look stunning!

two forks said...

cute cute!

Suzanne Barker said...

They both look beautiful!