Monday, September 6, 2010

happy anniversary

When Tom was living in Arizona at age 17, his mom and brother were coming from Holland to visit him. He planned the most awesome trip for them - attentive to every detail on their schedule. I forgot how good he was at trip planning until he told us what he had in store for us while we were visiting this summer. He gave us a run down of many things to do and also said he had a surprise planned for us. He made arrangements for us to stay in a beautiful farm converted to a bed and breakfast. It was an anniversary gift for us. Not only did we stay in a gorgeous historical farmhouse, but he arranged for us to have dinner at a wonderful nearby restaurant and made sure there was someone on staff who spoke English and could help us with the menu. He arranged for the hosts at the farmhouse to loan us some bikes and who gave us a quick little tour of the area and then we enjoyed riding around the countryside for a couple hours. Then we spent over 2 hours at the restaurant enjoying course after course of deliciousness. We had the best dessert I have probably ever had in my life. While we were riding around, Dave spotted some 'striped' cows and I don't know what these animals are, they look like a cross between a llama and a teddy bear.

Thank you Tom and Karen for a wonderful Anniversary gift. It was a fun surprise and it was the perfect getaway for us.

Happy Anniversary Dave - it has been an amazing journey with you for the past 25 years. I LOVE YOU!!


Lauri said...

The dessert looks fabulous. I'm sitting here at work drooling. Yummm

Anonymous said...

So nice that you all have such wonderful loving friends! But then you are such great people!

Suzanne Barker said...

Gosh, Tom turned into an amazing human being!! How wonderful to have done that for you guys.