Monday, August 2, 2010

missionary monday

I was surprised to open my e-mail and see a note from Brady today. I shouldn't be . . . he has written us faithfully every Monday morning for seven months now. But last week, his p-day got moved to Wednesday so it has only been 5 days since we last heard from him. So it was a quick week. It usually takes me 5 or 6 days to miss him again, so by Sunday I am looking forward to his note on Monday morning. Besides the short week, we had a fun and busy weekend that distracted me from missing him. Anyway, I thought I'd give an update on the most awesome missionary in Iowa.
Brady's letters are posted on a blog named "Two Years in Illinois" which you can see here . However, he has not yet lived or served in Illinois. He was called to the Illinois Peoria Mission, which overlapped a sliver into Iowa. He got assigned to a little community on the west side of the Mississippi River - Clinton, Iowa. He has been there since the end of January. Last month, the mission boundaries in the area got all switched around and his mission got dissolved, so now he is officially in the DesMoines Iowa Mission. He's got a new mission president and I don't even know what the official mission boundaries are. Maybe it shifts a little into Illinois and he will serve in Illinois while he is in the Iowa mission, since he served in Iowa while he was in the Illinois mission. Anyway, he is pretty sure he will be transferred early in September, but has really enjoyed Clinton. He is loving the community and the members of the branch have been so very good to him. I think he has been there so long, he probably considers it his hometown now.
He is sending home a cassette tape this week. I so look forward to his tapes. I am comforted reading his e-mails, but they are just a quick overview of the week. I wish I could translate the fun stories and experiences from his tape in his own voice onto his blog. I tried to write some of it down, but without it being in his voice, the humor didn't come across. He just records 3 or 4 minutes of his experiences every few days and sends it home when the tape is full. He is a funny boy.
If anyone wants to send him a postcard or a quick hello on an e-mail, his address is listed on the sidebar of his blog. His mailing address will be current at least through August.
(Do they look like Mafia men here??)

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Anonymous said...

They sure don't move them around as much as they use to! Wow! He can now say he did two missions!