Sunday, August 15, 2010

food fight !!!!!

We interrupt the terribly long travel log to bring you the ridiculousness that was Melanie's birthday party last weekend. Melanie's had a dream for years of having a food fight. There was a minor incident at school (in which she was not involved) that ended up with the principal making all the 6th graders stand against the wall of the cafeteria for punishment. That was the start of a dream to make it a reality.
So for her birthday party this summer, she sent out invites that said in part:
Instead of presents, please bring a bowl/pot/quantity of messy food.
Guests will need to know:
Clothes will get messy. Please do not show up with high heels or a nice button up shirt.
A swimsuit is suggested for the water attraction after the food fight (you are NOT going to want to wear a bikini down this slide)
Music will be provided so please bust a move as you wish.
There will be snacks for hungry guests . . . then again if you want to snack on your ammo, be my guest.
A few kids got smart and brought goggles and shower caps.
Roxanne's boyfriend took the role of referee for the out-of-control teens. (good luck with that one!)
Even our photographer wasn't off limits.
But clearly, the birthday girl herself got it the worst!
Dave, the conquering hero, provided a fire hose to clean up the kids and hose down the food mess.
Let the Slip-n-Slide begin! Melanie had a minor injury going down the slide and had to rest and recoup in the mud for a short while. Sunday morning, she was still finding pudding and grass in her ears. Almost everyone followed the pattern - slide down the hill and stop at the end of the plastic. I don't know how Brennan got such momentum, but he ended out in center field every time he went down (yes, right over the sidewalk).
This one was called - "Hey Roxanne, let's go down the slide on our feet!"
A few bumps, scratches and bruises, but overall I think they went home in one piece. Surprisingly, they cleaned up good enough to get back into their parent's cars.
Happy Birthday, Melanie. This party definitely had "you" written all over it!


calizona said...

Mel ROCKS (and rolls and slides!)

Bandanamom said...

My kids had a blast. What an awesome idea. :)

Lauri said...

CRAZY!!!!! Only Mel would think of that. Kudos to you for letting her pull it off.

everyday katie said...

I turn 30 next year. Can I hire Melanie as a party planner. I may have to consider this.

I missed this blog post and Spencer keeps hounding me to read it...You have to read about Melanie's party. So may be a go come my birthday.