Monday, September 28, 2009

random list . . .

Suzanne tagged me: Name 7 things about myself that people might not know...Hmm

One: I was born in Las Vegas. There were no family connections to that city before my birth and no connections since then. My dad was working a management retail position there for a short period of time.
Two: Winslow had a truck that would drive around the streets spraying fog out the back to control the mosquito population in and around town. We followed behind it on our bikes each time we saw it coming down our street. Fortunately, none of my siblings, my neighborhood friends or myself have been diagnosed with cancer from this ridiculous activity.
Three: I am a list maker. But I don't always follow my list each day. Often I forget about it. Sometimes at the end of the day, I add all the things I actually did do, and then cross them off. Somehow, it makes me feel better.
Four: I was the pianist for my church youth activity night when I was a young teenager. I could only play 3 hymns and to this day when I hear them, they remind me of that period of time when we sang the same set of songs every three weeks for a year.
Five: Since Suzanne and Lezlee confessed their first kiss . . . There was a Christmas dance at our Junior High School and there was lots of mistletoe being passed around. Well you know there are mistletoe rules that have to be followed and I think I had my first, second, third and maybe fourth kiss that night. What I would like to know now is - where were the chaperones??? And why were they not stopping this very inappropriate 7th grade behavior??
Anyway, there was a long dry spell for me after that night.
Six: I have never broken a bone that required medical attention. However, I am sure that several bones in my toes have been broken or cracked as I have stubbed them on furniture around the house over the years.
Seven: I don't like to wear shoes around the house. Thus the problem listed as #6.

All right now . . . Lauri? Cindi? Curtis? Debie? Anyone else want to play?


Suzanne Barker said...

I have heard of other people who chased after those trucks too what were all the parents thinking?!!
And it has been quite entertaining to hear about everyone's first kiss!

I Am Boymom said...

Oh those broken toes! I have the same problem, as I rarely wear shoes around the house either. And the mistletoe thing is cute. Isn't it amazing that we all survived childhood with some of the stupid things we all used to do?