Sunday, September 13, 2009

happy birthday brady!

It was Brady's birthday yesterday and it's getting kind of hard to have a party around here.
Roxanne: "I have to work at 2:45."
Dave: "I've got a certification exam until 1:30."
Brady: "I might go camping all weekend."
Rachel: "I already have a lunch date I set up a long time ago."
Me: I just want to make a cake and not have it go stale before we can blow out the candles.
So, Brady didn't end up going camping and we decided on a 1:30 pm lunch time family party. At 1:15, as a beautiful hot lunch was coming out of the oven, presents ready to open, birthday candles are ready to light, I got 2 texts from the girls, "Sorry mom, I'm going to be running late". We finally got all 6 of us together and fit in a little party from 1:51 until 2:37.
My birthday is tomorrow and we've got the same problem. I wanted to go out to dinner with everyone:
"I don't get out of class until 4:45."
"I have to be in Scottsdale by 7:00."
I know one of these days, our family will be spread out all over the country and we won't have everyone home for birthdays anymore, so I suppose I am just grateful we can all be together, rushed or not.
Anyway, Brady is a year older and wiser. What do you get a boy who is about to go on a mission? I'll tell you what . . . . ties!
Although missionary supplies are not the most exciting gifts, they are needed and everyone was generous with him. The gift he was most excited about though was from Melanie. It was a space pen. The ink cartridge is pressurized at 50 psi and will write upside down, on oil surfaces and even underwater. The girls were baffled at when a person would need to write underwater. Brady assured them it didn't matter - he was just glad to be able to write underwater should the need arise.
I am posting a picture of our delicious lunch. Not only was is very yummy and made our whole house smell divine and is one of our family's favorite sandwiches, but it makes a pretty presentation on the table too. This is important today, because true to my past, I made very unattractive birthday cupcakes for Brady. The idea in my head was good, but not so on the execution.
So - Happy Birthday, favorite son! We'll miss you around here on your next birthday.


Suzanne Barker said...

Happy Birthday Brady!!! You are the greatest. And the cupcakes don't look bad from here, Cindy! I also need your recipe for the bread/sandwhich!

Lauri said...

Life has a way of getting crazy. Glad you could all get together for a few minutes.

Your cake looks fun but I couldn't click on it and get a close up. From what I could see, it looks great. And is that sandwich the one with ham and salami and cheese? If so, yours looks much better than mine.

Lauri said...

oh yeah, and happy birthday to Brady!

Anonymous said...

Cool Cindy, the cupcakes look great, I like the candles too! The ties are terrific (don't forget many socks too!) That sandwich looks very yummy (how do you do it!!) Next year everyone will be there missing Brady! It's hard when everyone grows up and moves away!

Lindsey said...

Those cupcakes actually look really fun and exciting! I think the execution was stupendous.

Megan said...

Happy birthday to Brady! I want the recipe for that yummy bready, sandwhichy delicousy looking meal!

amelia said...

We may need a blog demonstration of writing underwater. Happy bday!