Saturday, May 16, 2009

styx: noun, classic mythology

Curtis invited us to a concert last night. He asked if we wanted to go to an REO Speedwagon concert. (Isn't that what you said, Curtis?) I've heard of the band. Obviously they were huge during the 70's, but I couldn't name a single song they sang off the top of my head. I was sure some songs would be familiar if I heard them. It was while we were at dinner before the show that he mentioned REO would probably be performing first, the STYX would close up the show. What? We're seeing STYX?? I know STYX, I know lots of their songs. I even bought a CD of theirs recently and have it in the pile of music I listen to regularly. YAY! We're seeing STYX! How could you have not mentioned that, being the most faithful, long-running fan ever!

Before the concert, we went to a restaurant called "Tuck Shop" on 12 Street near Oak. It was a cool little place, and very yummy. But because I am a bit restaurant retarded, I had to have most of the menu explained to me in layman's terms. "Medjool dates stuffed with Schrieners Chorizo, melted gruyere" and "Panko walnut crusted fontina, savory and sweet dipping sauces". Ok, I get the dipping sauces, I just didn't know what I would be dipping into the sauce. Nevertheless, a delicious dinner enjoyed by all.

Curtis is a rocker, always young, always pushing the edge on fashion and loves classic rock and loves good music. He's been in the music industry for years and is a successful DJ. So . . . I wasn't sure what it would be like to go to a concert with him. Certainly I don't know how to dress for a rock concert. I asked Melanie what we should wear. Her only advice was that it would be hot, so nothing long sleeved, and to dress comfortable so I could do some dance moves. (She then demonstrated the moves I would allegedly be doing . . . um, no) I told Dave I felt like I would be dressed for Sunday School sitting next to my brother.
I asked Lesa last night if she went to concerts with him very often. She isn't quite the dedicated rock fan that he is, but goes every year or two. But Lesa knows how to dress for a concert. She always looks cute. I wished I had snapped a picture of her purse. Way cool.

Curtis goes to STYX concerts regularly and he had some less than stellar comments about their order of songs, and lighting mistakes etc. I didn't notice anything but good music.

It appears that older men in rock bands have a lower than average risk of male pattern baldness. They all had a full head of long thick hair. Including the opening act, we saw three bands full of olderish men and only one was wearing a hat. It seems like there would be more men loosing their hair at their ages.

We had an advantage with Curtis being our history buff. He knew who the original members were, what year they made it big, where the replacement band members came from. Anyway, it was fun. Shaw came along to the concert too. He is 8 and is a real trooper. He had his earplugs in and curled up in his seat dead asleep for the last 45 minutes.

We had good seats. The floor level is problematic because there is a group of people who stand in front of the stage, so the first few seated rows also have to stand to see over their heads, so then the next rows have to also stand to see etc, until the entire floor level has to stand for the whole 3 hours. We sat in the second level up. Perfect. But then, a group a few rows in front of us decided to stand up. A whole group. "Hey, Hey, HEY PEOPLE. This is the sitting down section!! None of that now!"

Side note: Dave and I went to a concert at the Marque Theater in Tempe a couple years ago. We are way too old for that venue. There are no chairs in there. None. We went to see one of Dave's clients who plays in a tribute band. There were many many bands performing, we didn't know what order, or when he would be performing. Everyone was drinking, the only benches were outside in the smoking area, just not our comfort zone. We stayed for hours and never saw him perform and our legs were giving out. On the upside, there was a band that night playing Pink Floyd music and I knew the words to almost every song. That was weird. How do I know Pink Floyd music?? I don't think I had ever owned their records. (Yes, all my music in high school and college were vinyl records.)

So last night, it's always fun to just watch people. There was one woman who was compelled every so often to stand and bust out a move. Her body swayed to the music on a regular beat, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how she could not keep a steady beat clapping her hands. How can your body have rhythm, but not your hands?

Another woman in the next section over danced incessantly like she was a featured stage performer. But no one else in her whole section stood up. I imagine because there was real danger of getting whacked by her hands, arms or elbows. She was really moving.

Then there was a man that from the back appeared to be flicking his head to get his hair out of his eyes. Then I realized his hair wasn't long enough in front to be in his eyes. Then as he got more and more into the music, he would just flick his head around in a seemingly uncomfortable jerking motion somewhat to the beat. His neck had to have hurt at the end of the evening.

In the end, we experienced a adequate amount of rock and roll and had a fun night.


Katie said...

Sheesh Cindy. I know who REO Speedwagon is and I wasn't even alive in the 70's.

What a great description of the night. Sounds FANTASTIC. I'm a Styx fan myself.

CaliZona said...

REO = 2 songs you must know:
Ridin' the Storm Out (1974/classic, awesome groove to which I sang back-up before disco ruined live music)
Can't Stop This Feeling (1988 Gay Ballad Sell-out we NEVER performed)

It really doesn't matter what you wear at a concert anymore. Once the lights go down and the alcohol is served, any and all social distinctions are promptly obliterated.

Besides, the fans are as ancient as those classic bands who just won't quit. A little re-hab, a few organ transplants, and they're good to go for another 20 years. As for the hair: definitely fake. Like their teeth.

Cathy said...

Well, I'm even further behind! I remember STYX, but I couldn't tell you any songs, as for the restaurant, what country is at 12th & Oak? I wasn't and still am not much of a "rocker" so I would not be able to catogorize it as much fun except for watching old rockers, of which I probably assumed were dead, try and do what they did in their 20's!

Lauri said...

Love all of the details. What a night! Jeff and I went to a STYX concert at the Orange County Fair a few years ago. It was funny to have an old timer like me and a youngster like him both enjoying the music together.

Curtis Whipple said...

Well, for old guys I guess they all rocked OK. Underneath those jackets, their pants were pulled way up to just beneath thier manboobs.

Thanks for a great night out!

I'll give you my full critique of the performance in person when I see you next.

Lindsey said...

Oh my gosh. I loved the description of the women dancing. I have seen those people with only partial-body-part rhythm before. So confusing! I would have had more fun watching the unique dancers than listening to the music!

Was Lesa's purse shaped as a bedazzled guitar? That's totally what I would take to a rock concert.

Tell Melanie I could use some new moves- I hope she will share with me.

Curtis Whipple said...

Lesa's purse was made out of an old Styx album! It's one-of-a-kind.

amelia said...

How cool! What an awesome experience. Ha, yeah, I've felt too old for concerts for years. If I could sit in a padded chair and just chill and listen, sing-a-long but no jumping around, I'd be fine.