Sunday, April 6, 2008


"So Mom, if you could have three wishes, what would you wish for? . . . and none of that 'peace on earth' crap."

Mel "Dad, are you going to buy me a car when I get older?"
Dave "I didn't buy your sisters or your brother a car, I don't know why I would buy you one."

Mel "Dad, why are you bringing up things that don't have anything to do with this conversation. I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about ME!!" "Indubidibly!"

The dog kept me up this WHOLE morning . . . from like 6:10 until 6:20.

These chew sticks you got for Lexi? She loves them. I gave her one this morning and she like devoured it in 10 minutes. Then I tried one. They don't really taste that great.

If Lexi is afraid of Dad, how is she ever going to get herself a man?
(On the phone talking to her best friend who had been sick and socially unavailable for approximately 8 hours): "I just HAD to hear your VOICE!!!"



Katie said...

Do you rent her out? That girl is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Cindy, I pulled this off of Suzanne's blog. Thanks for the Entertainment! Love Ya, Cathy Galloway

rachel said...

I love her!

Suzanne Barker said...

Mel, you're a hoot! Especially trying the chew sticks!

Heidi said...

I love it.

Meghan said...

I LISTEN TO MELANIE EVERY SINGLE DAY! I am not kidding! I listen to her more than once. I am going to come over and have you dance for me with that music. I love all the other "-isms" too! I can't type anymore because I just simply love it, like Heidi says.

Sheyenne said...

Hi Cynthia,
Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is quite entertaining as well! That's some funny daughter you've got there!

Lauri said...

I wish I could be that entertaining

Cynthia said...

I dont know where i got the being funny from. Probably my dad..but his humor is maybe i got it from a long lost cousin or something..



Heidi said...

Those are perfect examples of all the reasons why I love teenagers.